Not the END for a reject…

About in a month or so the results of the entrances and institutes would be declared and each one would take the news in a different way. I somehow feel the urge to reach out to those who may not be able to make it to the very top. Don’t get disheartened or depressed if you have to make a compromise by settling for an insti. below your expectations.

All of us are doing or want to do MBA for a successful career and the brand name of the insti. satisfies our ego. But what really matters is that how much we can accumulate in the two years – be it the fundamentals of the system or thinking out of the box & most importantly ethics. Because if you fail in that part then you might end up like Rajat Gupta or B. Ramalinga Raju, who in spite of graduating from an Ivy League college got their ethics all mixed up.

Sadly, all we look for in an insti. is the average package the previous batch got and we feel complacent thinking that at least that much we’ll definitely get. There was a joke I read somewhere that “Indian parents reproduce so that they can show their kid’s marks to the neighbors”. I would like to add to that – “& the Indian youth does an MBA to show their payslips in front of friends”.

I know people from Amity and Jims (both considered pretty avg. insti.) who are getting a pay package of 20 lacs & others from the very top, who earn about half of this figure. I am not encouraging to deliberately get into an average insti. All I want to say is that give your best shot at entrances but don’t judge yourself by the results because a stupid 2 hour test can only tell about the hundredth root of an iota of your capability. Just strive to make the next 2 years count. Learn how to survive and flourish, don’t rely on someone to feed you.

In the end I’ll tell you something about Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, the billionaire investor. His company- Berkshire Hathaway has a unique legacy and that is – 50% of the employees are college dropouts and the rest 50% never attended college. Only exception is Buffett himself. All the very best to everyone. Criticism would be warmly accepted.