No one wants to say anything about Trump

(Empty US Consulate lawn in Mumbai, minutes after the Presidential inauguration)

In a lack lustre event being held at the US Consulate in Mumbai today, marking the ‘crowning’ of Donald Trump, not many of the invited guests had anything to say about the 45th President of the United States of America.

PaGaLGuY reporters who are at the event are finding very few takers for the favourite yet hackneyed media question, ‘How do you feel?.”
Very few of the so-called celebrities had anything to say. Most stared back at our reporters in a total incomprehensible amazement.

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“I can’t be quoted.”

“No comments.”
– Kiran Juneja

“I didn’t come for Trump, I came because my friend invited me.”
– Pankaj Udhas 

“I will comment only after Trump takes the oath.”
– Poonam Dhillon (However, she left the Consulate before the Oath)

“Donald Trump is now the President and the fact is that Americans don’t have a choice. And it doesn’t really matter for me as it is not my country.”
– Satish Shah.

“We shouldn’t judge Trump for the things he said and did in the past. And that we should give him a chance and wait and see what he does.”

– Sandip Soparkar

There were also a group of academicians present at the event, representing famous colleges and schools across Mumbai. However, they were the only one’s to express their opinions about the new president and about the Indian student community studying or planning to study in US. 

Stay tuned to this space to know ‘What Indian academicians think about the new US President and how will it affect the Indian Student community there’

(Inputs by Ishani Bose, Manaal Bhombal and of course the tight lipped celebrities)