PaGaLGuY follows President Trump’s Inaugural: Exclusive pictures

Donald J Trump is the 45th President of United States of America (USA). PaGaLGuY followed the inauguration live, here are some television grabs of the ceremony.

US Capitol Hill, similar to India’s Parliament, is the place where the swearing-in or inaugural ceremony was held. It is located in Washington, District Columbia (D.C)

The ceremony saw large crowds throng the Capitol Hill lawns.

Trump waving to the crowds immediately after being sworn in as the 45th President of USA. Seen in the background are members of his cabinet and wife, Melania Trump (in blue dress).

Bernie Sanders, (standing third from right), attending the luncheon after the swearing-in ceremony. Sanders was one of the contenders for Democratic Party’s official nomination for Presidency, apart from Hillary Clinton.

President Trump before seeing off outgoing President Barack Obama. Also seen are their wives, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. Vice-President, Mike Pence and outgoing Vice-President, Joe Biden are seen standing behind in the second row.

Obama waving off as he enters Marine One, official helicopter of the President, one last time as he vacates the office.

President Trump signing appointment letters which will bring into effect his cabinet. Trump’s cabinet has 22 members including Vice-President Pence.

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