No headaches for normalisation in XAT

While aspirants wait for XAT results, PaGaLGuY decided to catch up with the person who made XAT 2017 possible, Prof Munish Thakur.

Why has XAT always maintained the pen and paper format while other MBA entrance tests have gone online?

We have maintained the paper and pencil format because it allows all students to be tested on the same question paper. It is far more fair to the candidates. Sometimes, normalisation tends to be unfair. If we can hold the online examination in a single sitting, it will be a good idea for XAT to go online. In fact, we were the first MBA examination in India to go online back in 2003, but that experience was not good.

Have students or candidates ever voiced their concerns about the safety and security aspect owing to the location of the college?
We do not think that our location is so remote that students should have safety/security concerns. Jamshedpur is one of better towns in the entire country and the town has a very cosmopolitan outlook. Having said that, I agree that Jamshedpur does not have good air connectivity.
XLRI is known for its HR course. Is the classroom dominated by women more than men?
We have an equal share of male and female students on campus. We do not believe only women can be good HR managers. Similarly, we also do not believe that women cannot be good at Finance / Production.