Alumni Diaries: Five things every MBA student in XLRI should watch out for

The countdown to Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) results has begun , which is all set to release in the last week of January. If you’re going to be one of the lucky ones to get a good XAT score, remember it’s only half the battle won. You still have the GDPI round to tackle. Should you successfully conquer all the levels to gain entry into XLRI, know it for a fact that you’ve embarked upon one of the most challenging yet enjoyable phases of your life. At least that’s what the alumni of XLRI had to say when PaGaLGuY contacted them to learn about their experiences. With just a few months remaining for the next batch of students to walk into campus, XLRI alumni share five things, they believe, every fresher should know and be prepared for, before the academic year commences. 

  • Learn to work under strict deadlines: If you’re laidback and not used to working under strict deadlines, you have a tough road ahead of you. However, it will teach you to do your work well that too within a short period of time—something that the corporate life post college will demand. 
  • Balance between Academic and Extra-curricular activities: The academic pressure at XLRI is sure to keep you on your toes throughout the term. But, fun at XLRI comes in the form of a large number of on-campus activities right from a quizzing league to Public Prod to parliamentary debates to seniors v/s juniors sports meet to adventure treks. The management fest of the institute, Ensemble, is one of most sought after event among B schools.
  • Don’t get into a mundane rat-race: XLRI always has talented and intelligent bunch of students and chances are that you will unknowingly develop a competitive streak. While being competitive is not entirely bad, there must be some limit to it. Always remember what you want to do and why are you in the programme in the first place. That will help you remain focused and stop you from losing sight of what you want. 
  • Student Exchange: The institute also has tie-ups with leading international schools such as Darden School of Business (Univerity of Virginia), ESADE (University of Barcelona, Spain), EMLyon (University of France), Muenster (Germany) etc for its exchange programme. Nearly 20 per cent of the batch spends a semester in one of the above partner institutions. The seats are available to both Human Resource Management and Business Management programmes.
  • XLRI Life: While you’ll be busy dwindling between a hectic academic schedule and an equally crazy timetable of extra curricular activities,( as well as placements pressure in your second year) take out some time to experience ‘The XLRI Life’. Listening to Bodhi Tree songs (XLRI band), having late night snacks at Bishudas (night canteen), attending numerous ‘on-campus parties’ etc will all make life more ‘happening’ in the Institute. Cherish those moments.