NLDIMSR Faculty Insights: A Hypothetical Interview Situation

Interviewer: Look, we are looking for someone who is very positive and forward-looking person. So, an applicant may not be considered for admission for his/her right answer to a question. Selection at our college would be based on the most desirable answer but not on right answer.

Interviewee: Ok, sir. I’m confident and I’m sure that I’ll get through.

Interviewer: Please expand the abbreviation..ISIS.

Interviewee: (After a few seconds’ silence) Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Interviewer: Yes, you are right. But we are not impressed with your answer. We may not consider you for admission with this answer.

Interviewee: Sir, I’ve given the right answer.

Interviewer: Yes, but we wanted a desirable answer. You could have replied it as “Institute for Science and International Security” (Washington based security think tank). We have been looking for a student who is positive in thoughts and actions in all respects.

(Lesson: Always every right answer may not be enough to qualify for admission. Be positive and All the Best.)

Interview Experience by Dr Indrajit Goswami

Professor – HR & Associate Dean (Research)