‘No wine, beer
bottle should be taken.’

‘No one should
tease or comment on any girl.’

These are the rules
that have been implemented in NIT Durgapur just prior to their upcoming cultural

NIT Durgapur has
taken an undertaking from the Students Gymkhana President ensuring that there
will be no sort of ‘nuisance’ created during the cultural fest Recstacy’16, that
will be held from February, 10 to 13, 2016.

The undertaking, which was signed by the President of Students Gymkhana, also clearly states that the Students Gymkhana must not intervene in any manner if any student has been caught in, what the management terms as nuisance activities.

A professor from
NIT Durgapur said that fests are the time when there is a huge crowd, and
students think they can get away with indiscipline. But the undertaking is
a step to ensure students don’t indulge in irresponsible behaviour. 

PaGaLGuY spoke to a
few students from NIT Durgapur who said that these rules are just precautionary
measures. They claim there have been no  grave incidents of in-fighting
among students per se. However, students have found ways to smuggle and
consume alcohol. “Those who want to have alcohol will do it irrespective of
rules. If they get caught during the fest they will be rusticated from the
college. But this undertaking is a first, and mainly asked as a safety measure
in view with the incidents that have happened in other institutes.”

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