Night is everything morning can never be!

To those who say nights end the day

yes sure they do, but make a way

for a stark realm of fantasies which eventually

fall prey to the sun’s very first ray

May I ask you, when is it that

you see yourself and realize

you had a great day, you’ll have a better one

let’s get a sound sleep, it’s night

Looking at yourself when back at home

what crosses mind is the 12 hours play

where you went wrong what you did right

how you can improve for the next day

Night is when you judge yourself,

criticize, cry over and get a glimpse

over life as whole and the past mistakes

and how long have you come since

The cool breeze soothes the heat of day

the look at stars makes you want to stay

you must have stared at moon for long

how often though, you stare sun during the day?

Some say dark scares, no it doesn’t

It’s you who has the fear

Not always is it when you step out in day

and pull off everything clear

They bond, they propel, they make it easy

to express oneself and prepare for the best

It’s always darkest before the dawn

but dark is the best, yes, it’s the best!

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