[NIBM] Alumni Speak#1 – Sanjil Vashist [Senior Manager – Risk [email protected] Bank of Commerce]

“It was a rainy June afternoon of year 2008 when I landed at NIBM to begin my banking chronicles. The gloomy weather coupled with a fatigued body immediately made me homesick as it was the farthest I had ever been from my home. At that moment, little did I know that this place shall give me one of the most cherished moments of my life. I am an alumnus of that extinct one-year PGPBF course, which used to get over in no time. During that one year, I had the opportunity to interact with a brilliant faculty and talented bankers who joined the course on training. It’s a privilege to have learnt financial management from Vikas Srivastava sir, who I still follow on social media. The lectures on Credit Risk and Derivatives by Tasneem madam and Arindham sir respectively are still afresh in my mind. In market risk, Sanjay Basu sir was a genius par excellence. He continues to hold that reputation in banking fraternity till date. On a lighter note, Khanna sir’s 8.30 AM accounting class in 1st trimester was a challenge. Being from a technical background, accounting wasn’t my cup of tea and I sat through a lot of lectures having no idea about what an asset or a liability was!

Despite being an institution of academic excellence, NIBM never had a typically serious atmosphere. It was always a delight strolling around the lush green campus. The cultural nights during Ganesh Utsav, alumni meet and annual day were full of fun and frolic. The monthly birthday celebrations were a lot of action and so was Holi where I was dumped into a pit full of mud by my fellow partners in crime. Life at NIBM was indeed eventful.

For the stability in my personal and professional life today, I owe it to NIBM. I entered the campus as a jobless rookie and left as a managerial expert. After a nerve wrecking placement week, I had offers from BoB and OBC, out of which I decided to join the latter and currently working with them in Risk department at Gurgaon. NIBM gave me moments that carry a lot of sentimental value and I can’t help but miss that time. My advice to current batches- Pune is a lovely city and NIBM is a distinguished institution. You are living one of the best moments of your life, which you will want to relive once you pass out. So, make the most of it now on the academic as well as personal front. Happy learning. Godspeed!”

Sanjil Vashist

Senior Manager – Risk Management

Oriental Bank of Commerce


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