New Product Development Course at IIM Bangalore

An effective process for conceiving, developing and launching new products or services is critical to becoming competitive in most industries. Over five hours of edited lectures from an IIM Bangalore PGP class in 2014 were made that cover the tools and techniques used in the effective design and development of new products. These lectures can be used for self learning on new product development by anyone with an interest in the subject even if they have not done any prior courses in management. The other twenty-five hours of case discussions, guest talks and course project presentations in the IIM Bangalore elective course are however excluded. These lecture videos were created to “flip” the classroom in the New Product Development course starting in June 2014 at IIM Bangalore – to allow students to see the video lecture in advance rather than listen to it in class and to use class time more effectively for questions on the lecture and and for more detailed case discussions. Look for the lecture videos in Vimeo.