Happy Ending :)

For every time you hurt me,

I felt myself losing sanity.

Not once did I think that you didn’t deserve it,

always blamed it on me.

As the years went by,

I looked at myself differently.

Every time I got hurt,

more numb I became,

to feel something felt unnatural,

negativity engulfed me.

And I thought we all got our happy endings,

and a prince comes to see,

but the ugly truth haunts me,

and forbids me to see,

All I wish for is my happy ending.

Thinking the next one,

would see the real me.

And now I’ve lost myself completely.

I see no reason for him to look at me.

So lost into my own li’l world,

I can’t differentiate, maybe, that’s me?

Every time I writhe in pain,

I become more difficult for me to see.