NEET Scam: Latest Update, TN Docter Suspected to be Key Conduit held


The highly controversial NEET scam that took place in Tamil Nadu recently saw the arrest of the main suspect, the doctor who is considered to have played a key role in the entire fiasco. The entire scandal, which took place in Vellore district, may expose more students who resort to illegal and unfair means for the NEET examination.

The CB-CID police have informed that the prime suspect for the on-going probe into the NEET impersonation case in Tamil Nadu was a doctor, running a hospital in the Vellore district. He was arrested on Sunday and will be questioned for the same.

The entire scam was brought to light with the arrest of K V Udit Surya, a medical student at Theni Medical College along with his father Venkatesan, a doctor; a casualty medical officer from Government Stanley Medical College Hospital located in Chennai and an agent by the name of Rasheed. The arrests were made when a proxy was called out in the name of Udit Surya who secured his admission into the medical college based on the marks scored by his proxy.

Besides the impersonation incident, the CB-CID is also looking into the angle of a possible fudging in the NEET score. It was the arrest of these three individuals that brought out the fact in open that there are numerous students who have been resorting to much means in Tamil Nadu. This thus led to the arrest of another student, S Praveen and his father A K S Saravanan for admission into SRM Medical College in Chennai. The probe has revealed that lakhs of rupees are involved to help students pass medical exam and have them enrolled into MBBS degree through unfair practices.

The doctor arrested is also the father of a student at Dharmapuri Medical College and is suspected to be evading authorities as well. The employment of such unfair practices not will not only demotivate capable students to appear this exam but also puts a big question mark on the government’s ability to conduct such exams without such irresponsible errors.

On the brighter side, we often hear such cases going unnoticed in our daily lives. But with the strict probe made by the CB-CID, we can expect a more stringent action along these lines. It is important to keep a national-level exam as NEET highly neutral and free from these illegal practices.