MYRA School of business is a boutique Business school situated in the city of Mysore. The college has most of the faculties coming over from the best Universities across the globe with experience over 20 years. It has tie-ups with some of the reputed business schools few of which include The Cambridge judge school of business, Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie and the Catolica School of Business, Lisbon.

The college follows an immersion model of education which is very different from what other business schools follow as a part of their curriculum. We have these professors travel to our campus for a period of 2 weeks to provide for an enriching experience with the help of this model. We have an extensively busy schedule filled with presentations and examinations over these two weeks of immense learning.

The weather here at Mysore creates an ambiance best suited for learning. Life at Myra has been eventful since the very first day i stepped into its campus. We had the graduation day lined up with our orientation program which gave us a chance to interact with the batch of students that were leaving us. They gave us insights about their experience over the last two years which certainly helped us understand the course better.

The first couple of months are nothing but a hustle. A schedule filled with lectures, guest lectures, Pre-placement talks, projects, B-plan competitions, assignments and presentations. The biggest shocker for me was the time-table. Well. You get to know about lectures just few days prior. This is the perfect time when you can either show or learn time management skills by extending your limits. A lot of companies come for guest lectures and also pre-placement talks for the summer internship placements. The some of current first year batch is placed in some of the biggest names in the industry, acquiring competitive roles.

Second semester is quite short as a lot of activities happen quickly in short time. The semester includes placement activities, CXO-Talks and the most important aspect of this experience is that you get to interact with the industry leaders on one-to-one basis on the day of the event. and of course the events like Christmas, new year celebration and weekend parties are worth reviving your energy.

Overall, first year was very eventful and bit intense. Hustle is the key to survival in first year. Comprehensively, once you get into MYRA school of business, all your questions about your career choices would answered. To me it’s the end of the second semester now, half way through the journey and it has been fantastic so far.

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