I didn’t choose MYRA merely because it was catching up to my expectations of an MBA abroad, but because it gave me much more. Firstly, Scholarships – I was happy to see that the management recognized my past working experience (including my entrepreneurship journey at Untangle Innovations) and award me a scholarship that I just could not resist. Secondly, I could only find a handful of one-year executive courses in the country, given my balanced GMAT score, MYRA was a blessing in disguise.

Being re-skilled and re-tooled under globally renowned academic luminaries such as Dr Abhinanda Sarkar, Dr Sudhendar H Rao, Dr Sudhindra Seshadri (the famed troika at MYRA) in addition to Dr David Patient (Associate Dean – Catolica Lisbon), Dr Pedro Saffi (Cambridge), Dr Sandeep Krishnamurthy (Dean – University of Washington) and Dr Joydeep Srivastava (Robert L Johnson Professor of Marketing & Supply Chain – Temple University) all makes the MYRA PGPX – an unique proposition.

Undergoing Birkman Assessment, Executive Career Coaching from the seasoned Manpower Group team is getting us tuned for the upcoming placement season. The MYRA PGPX is a must be placed for mid-career transition, with a positive and quick ROI, compared to many of its expensive peers.

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