This past summer I worked for an organisation that I never thought would be able to get my hands on. Mckinsey and Company’s Global Lead and Senior Knowledge Expert had come to my B-school for a corporate connection talk on ‘Innovation in Deliveries‘. During that day, I was given an opportunity to interact with this senior knowledge expert and share my ideas on supply chain deliveries. Having been impressed with the idea, he was able to grant me an Internship role in one of the highly reputed management consulting companies. Receiving this opportunity was the best career moment in my life of having worked three and a half years prior to post graduation. If I can relate to what my B-school could teach me during my internship period, it would be the following.

Faculties are the wisdom to your knowledge transformation

Learning from the best faculties around the world definitely helped me gain understanding in what needs to be learnt in today’s business. There is a vast area of expertise required in different fields, be it Business Statistics or Organizational Behavior. The professors from this school helped me overcome several obstacles during my internship time and were also instrumental in benefitting both the company and my knowledge.

Unlocking a new mind and vision

Studying several courses from this B-school helped me to fine tune the skills that are required to change the dynamics of an organization. We can all have a visionary mind that can help shape yourself for the future. But, you need help from other students and faculty that can help you to think in certain angles which, you could not have thought alone. MYRA School of Business helped me to socialize with the diversified set of knowledge experts that were required in gaining me this internship opportunity.

In summation, I feel that this school helped me shape up to be a leader who can make a significant difference to the corporate world. Furthermore, I intend to learn even further in the forthcoming months from this school that can surprise me with other potentialities in myself.

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