My step counts campaign at FIIB

We launched a distinctive campaign in November called “My Step Counts” at Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) to induct, stimulate and nurture small changes in the everyday routine of every member of the FIIB family to bring about significant and meaningful transformation into their lives. The first month of the campaign took off with the fundamental yet unintendedly neglected issue of HEALTH.

Following the successful completion of one month we can proudly state that many of the FIIB Family Members took active participation in the Campaign by ways of taking control of their personal health. The Campaign came off as a crusade regenerating that drifted-apart fitness consciousness back into the lives of the FIIB members. People grew more health conscious with the Campaign injecting the essential push and pep into the spirits of the FIIB Fraternity. Like I started to make sure that I take short walks every 3 hours and make a conscious effort to take my off the computer screen even if for a short while to give my eyes more comfort. My colleague- Ms Deepti Pillai, Head- Placements made sure she went back and ran a kilometer on the treadmill no matter how tired she was.

The FIIB team then ran the Great Delhi Run on the morning of 15th December.To the wonders of everyone, each member of the FIIB team managed to complete the 6 km stretch. The admin head at FIIB, Mr. Guru Prasad shared how running with the Institute team was an overwhelming experience for him and he decided to use stairs from now to keep the momentum while our gardener Raj Bahadur ran the 6km stretch at the age of 55 which was a big inspiration for me.

That was indeed one big step to mark the successful completion of the HEALTH- My Step Counts Campaign for the month.

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