My Internship with EY! –

My Internship with EY! – FSM

Hi, I am Anusha!
I joined the PGDM program at FORE last year. I did my internship with Ernst & Young.

Interesting thing is that I had worked at EY after graduation. Initially I was in the Audit Service Line. After one year of pursuing MBA, my role completely changed: I was hired as a Process Improvement Consultant.

I was really happy since I was familiar with EY and knew the culture there. But more importantly it was the new team and organisation, coupled with the kind of mentors I had.

EY has a very structured intern program. They know what they want from interns. They know how to utilise them – a very good thing compared to other organisations. Also, the kind of work you get to do. They don’t treat you like an intern. It’s as if you are an employee of the organisation.

So, the work that you do always has meaningful impact. It has a definite role in the organisation. You get to interact with the leadership. We have a specified Intern Connect Program where all Service Line Leaders come and interact with you. They talk to you about career, help you to get a perspective on your aspirations. A corporate mentor with hands-on industry experience guides you throughout internship. If you feel the internship does not suit you or you don’t want to pursue your current role, they help you to make the right choice.

So, everything considered, interning at EY is a great experience!