What makes summer internships highly desirable for aspiring graduates? For business students, a summer internship acts as a gateway into the corporate realm, providing them with valuable insights into what to expect in a full-time job.

Additionally, the attractive stipend offered is an added bonus. Notably, during the recruitment process, companies prefer candidates with relevant experience that aligns with the position they are applying for. This highlights the significance of internships, actual work experience, or volunteer work on a candidate’s resume. For potential business graduates, summer internships offer the first taste of the corporate experience, enabling them to showcase their skills and gain relevant experience that could lead to a lucrative career opportunity at the company.

The main reasons that internships are important for management students are:

  • Internships provide valuable insights into the corporate world and what to expect in a full-time job.
  • They offer an opportunity for students to gain relevant work experience and develop practical skills.
  • Internships allow students to network with professionals in their field and make industry connections.
  • Companies prefer candidates with relevant work experience, making internships an important aspect of a student’s resume.
  • Internships can potentially lead to a job offer or long-term career opportunities at the company.
  • Internships often provide an attractive stipend, which can help students with their financial expenses during their studies.

To summarise it, an MBA internship is one of the most valuable experiences during your MBA course and even your whole education. It will guide you to success in your future career outcomes.

The Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) – Graduate School of Business (GSB) understands the importance of summer internships. This 50-year-old institute has metamorphosed into a leading business school that moulds its young students into competent and socially responsible leaders, capable of working in a global setting. The MBA Programme at IFMR GSB, which is affiliated to Krea University, helps a student to develop skills to face the challenges the real world may throw up.

As a part of IFMR GBS, students are offered a chance to work in established and reputed concerns, as well as businesses of tomorrow. This will now only help the students to put what they have learnt into practice but also learn from experts who know the business. There can be no better way to start your career!.

Vishal Shire, a Mechanical Engineer with two years of work experience in Manufacturing, is currently pursuing a two-year MBA programme specialising in Finance at IFMR GBS. He has been offered a summer internship at Credit Suisse in Risk Change, which he considers to be an important opportunity.

“I was asked a variety of questions during the interview process, ranging from my educational background to financial concepts, accounting, and current market trends. I must have done well because Credit Suisse offered me the internship! I’m absolutely thrilled about this opportunity to work in a new area and learn about finance and risk management, which are completely new topics for me.” says Vishal.

Credit Suisse, a global investment bank and financial services company with a clientele base spread over 50 countries, offers an incredible learning opportunity; the programme is designed for highly motivated candidates who want to learn and grow while making valuable contributions as part of a team. The internship offers a chance to gain a practical understanding of risk management practices, which is a great experience for interns.

Shire expects to learn practical skills and gain exposure to a variety of risk situations during his internship at Credit Suisse. The resources and support provided by Credit Suisse are excellent, making it a great fit for young management students. Exceptional interns are even offered full-time opportunities through PPOs.

IFMR GBS, which has a career centre providing assistance to students seeking summer internships, offers counselling services to help students find the best internships. During the course of the internship, the interns are in regular touch with their academic mentor, who provides valuable inputs and support.

IFMR GBS’s Cohort 2022-2024 has concluded about 60 internships so far, with the highest package being offered to interns being INR1.0 lakh per month. The sectors in which the internships are offered include IT, FMCG, BFSI, HR Consulting, with recruiters such as Credit Suisse, HSBC, Barclays, Dell Technologies, Morgan Stanley, DE Shaw & Co, Tata, SBICAP, among others.

IFMR GBS is a preferred institute for many MBA aspirants who seek practical experience along with theory.

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