My experience of MBA Finance at NMIMS University

Along with the jitters of making career decisions most of us have apprehensions as to how those decisions would turn out to be. I am sure we have all been through this phase of life where at some point we’ve had to choose a career path and for me this was when I decided to give NMAT and secured a seat at NMIMS. That’s when the actual ambiguity in life started to fade away and the road ahead became more or less clear and specific. The question that arose next was of paramount importance – the specialization for MBA. Everyone was blowing hot and cold about the specialization, however, the choice for me was easier since I already had a Finance background during my graduation. Finance, in its true sense, is an extremely broad field which needs deep understanding of the business, industry, economy and its interdependence. Its various sub fields and their applications can only be understood if one has a thorough understanding of the subject. Therefore, to excel in this field, I decided to pursue an MBA in Finance.

When I joined NMIMS I had a bagful of expectations based on the opportunities I heard the college provides to its students and I hoped to make the most of it. My expectations with regards to the industry exposure, projects, co-curricular activities and research competitions were very high and I was extremely delighted to witness those getting fulfilled. Various seminars were organized wherein industry stalwarts shared their knowledge and experiences. Along with this I had multiple
opportunities to take part in challenging competitions with really attractive prizes. These competitions allowed me to understand the real-world business problems and to devise solutions for the same. Being a part of the Finance cell of NMIMS is an added advantage in itself. I was overwhelmed with the amount of technical knowledge I gained by simply attending the Business- talks and by being a part of its student-led investment fund. In between all of this, I did somehow
manage to squeeze in time for the academic projects which greatly supplemented what I learnt in the curriculum. Lastly, I must say that the people here are amazing and extremely helpful and collaborative. They make learning a bit easier and life at a B-School majorly interesting!