MY Experience at MYRA by MYRAcle Nisha Kumari Solanki

Every experience makes you grow; MYRA has done the same. MYRA, no doubt has helped me grow as a professional and as a person.

To excel in the professional environment, you need “involve and learn” experience; and MYRA provided it in the form of amazing faculty who have hands on experience in the industry. The faculty concentrated on the practical implications and this helped me crack the very first interview (HDFC) I attended.

MYRA also helped me find out my hidden capabilities. Event management has been one of them. Being it managing the placement drive or student driven events, I saw myself involve and learn through every experience at MYRA.

Career sessions at MYRA removed my fear of stage fright. I still remember my first presentation at MYRA and it wasn’t good. But eventually giving presentations for every course decreased my fear.

The best change I saw in myself was that I became aware of various things happening around the world. MYRA always brought in eminent personalities from various industries who provided us various insights. This also made sure how we should prepare ourselves for the changes happening in different industries.

At MYRA I met some amazing people in the form of friends and faculty. Leaving them was the most difficult part in my journey at MYRA. It’s been a lifetime experience which can never be forgotten.

These words of Martin Luther King, best describe my journey at MYRA. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively ad to think critically. Intelligenceplus character is the goal of true education.”

Thank you MYRA.