MTech grads favoured for core sector jobs

Core-sector companies are valued for their level of expertise and professionalism in the respective area of operations. These companies offer jobs in core areas of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, infrastructure sector. While over the years, most grads have ditched the jobs that core sector companies offered, students have usually preferred them. When start-ups got into the fray of placements, most students ditched the core sector companies. Better pay-package was a major reason why jobs in a start-up were a preferred job opportunity over the core-sector. After the clear lack of enthusiasm from the students, a lot of core sector companies decided to recruit by prioritising graduates. Some core-sector companies have recruited only students and, this is a deviation from traditional placement trend. And they have their reasons for their preference.

For starts, student have greater and in-depth knowledge about the branch they are pursuing. Academically, students have at least 6 years (4 years of under grad, plus 2 or 3 years of depending on their stream and choice of course. “ students are more academically inclined. Their in-depth knowledge makes them a better candidate for hiring. Although, the graduates have a fresh perspective with regards to dealing with technology, having greater theoretical knowledge is beneficial,” says an HR manager at IBM. They recruited only students from IIT Bombay. students also have more work experience over the students. “Many of us who pursue have prior work experience. This is because a lot of us work while we prepare for GATE. Hence, our work experience adds to our advantage during placements,” says Hussain Manaswala, an alumnus from IIT Bombay. Kushagra Goyal of IIT Delhi also says, “While graduates have internship experiences, having prior work experience is an added advantage to working with core sector companies.” Companies like Qualcomm, Cisco have all preferred to have M.Tech graduates over the grads.

An HR official at Tata Communication says, “Hiring student is far more viable than the grads for the reason that they are more committed to the job. Most under-graduate pass-outs quit within the training period which is a loss for the company. It is a waste of time, energy and company resources. In my experience M.Tech students are far more committed to their job.”

It is not just the students who ditch the glamorous pay-package to work in core sector industries, but the companies too, have a preference for M.Tech students, keeping in mind the long-run needs of the company.