Movie Review: Jai Ho!!!

Jai ho… Jai ho… Jai ho… Salman Bhai Ki Jai Ho !!!

At the outset of this article I would like to warn Sallu Bhai’s fans against reading this article any further. They may get hurt.

This movie is strictly for Bhai’s fans, I can’t emphasis on this any more. Jai Ho is highly non sensical and not even original. It is a remake of Telugu film, Stalin ( seems to be the trend in Bollywood these days) which is in fact a remake of Hollywood movie, Pay it forward.

Jai Ho is supposed to be a political thriller where Salman plays an ex-army officer( yeah right!!!). He gives head shots ,dances and again gives head shots and again dances. He sometime roars too while beating up the goons and villains. To describe him in Aam Aadmi terms , he is more like the marriage child between Arvind Kejriwal and a lion and a WWE wrestler.

Salman bhai is known for his philanthropy and he doesn’t disappoint you in Jai Ho either. Just look at the cast of Jai Ho- Ashmit Patel , Yash Tonk , Bruna Abdullah, Sunil Shetty, Mahesh Manjrekar , Mahesh Thakur, Tulip Joshi, Vikas Bhalla and some veterans like Tabu and Danny Denzongpa. But nothing to get worried about , the story revolves around Bhai and only Bhai ,rest of the cast is there to justify the 75 Crore budget of this movie.

Jai Ho is not all bad ,midst of fighting and roaring scenes , Daisy Shah has been casted to sprinkle drops of romance every now and then. she is confident and convincing in most of her scenes. Another good thing about Jai Ho is the concept Sohail Khan simply picked up from the Hollywood flick. It says “Goodness is redeemable. If someone shows you a random act of kindness, you pay it forward to three people. And they’ll pass on the ‘act of kindness’ to three more each. A multiplier effect on millions – snowballing into a mass junta movement of goodness “. This is the only driving force of the movie other than Bhai’s headshots and dance steps. And not to mention , Bhai tears off his shirt once again in the end. A few scenes like this makes this paisa wasool for Bhai fanatics .

Avoid this movie at all costs and if you’re planning on taking revenge from someone then ,’pay‘ for a ticket and ‘forward it‘ to him or her.

Movie rating : **1/2 out of 5