Migration Success 101 – How to Migrate to Australia

One thing that makes Australia a perfect country for migration, apart from its stunning scenery, is how it operates and offers the opportunity to people from around the world. Australia believes in equality and proudly calls itself liberated and democratic.

One can trace Australia’s core values to its history, where the earliest migrants had criminal records.

Therefore, the appreciation for work is one of its core beliefs and the foremost reason for judging a person. Now, let’s take a look at other reasons why you should consider migrating to Australia.

Why Australia? 

Australia is a beautiful country. It has so many beautiful beaches, more than 10000 of them.

Australian wildlife is particularly interesting since the Australian continent separated from other continents almost 99 million years ago, which means it is the only place where you can see a kangaroo.

Other than that, you can marvel at the beauty of koala, echidna, dingo, platypus, etc. It is an enormous country with a variety of different climates. 

The average temperature is pleasant, except for some extremely hot northern territories. The shades of weather can be dramatic sometimes, which can provide a thrilling experience (for those who love thunderstorms!).

It is one of the world’s sunniest countries, so be prepared to get your skin nicely tanned. The national minimum wage, the country offers, is 19.84 Australian dollars per hour, and you can work for 38 hours per week. It also gives plenty of holidays to enjoy life.

Australia also offers some of the best universities globally, and along with premium health services available, the country’s living standard is pretty high! Citizens get free healthcare and education. You will get to live in a multicultural society, with people from all around the world.

The statistics show that cultural diversity includes people from England, China, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other countries. Now to make migration in Australia possible, here are some steps you can take to reach your final destination.

  1. Check the Australian Immigration Process

By visiting a migration agent, you can cut down on a lot of paperwork and time investment. However, that will add to the list of bills, and it’s possible to complete the whole process on your own. See what can be your potential employment options. 

Top jobs in Australia include Architects, Product Management, Controller, Mining Engineer, IT Professional, Finance Manager, etc. In 2019, the statistics show that more than 100 thousand migrants arrived with a temporary visa for higher education. 

  1. Look for the Work Visas

The first thing to make sure of, while walking down the path to becoming an Australian citizen, is the Work visas for skilled migration visa options.

If you already have a booming business of your own, you can be nominated by a state or a territory government to make it easy for you to set up your business in Australia. After achieving a skilled visa, Permanent Residency and citizenship follow, accordingly. After your research, submit for a Visa.

  1. Get information about lodging

Ensure that you have a good idea of where you will stay once you enter Australian territory. Making prior arrangements will save you a lot of time and effort. Bring all your essential documents and belongings with you for a pleasant post-migration experience.

  1. Australian Citizenship Test

You can gain Australian citizenship by becoming one with its culture and respecting Australian beliefs, values, and lifestyles. You are required to know about its geography, laws, government and the people who live there. And on top of it, all a person ready to migrate to Australia must know what it means to be an Australian citizen and the responsibilities attached to Australian identity. 

The government makes sure that you are ready for migration in Australia through this exam. There are 20 questions available, out of which 15 should be correct, giving a minimum passing score of 75%—the test’s duration is 45 minutes, and the question paper format in Multiple Choice.

Everything happens electronically. The most important source for preparing for this exam is the Department of Home Affairs, Our Common Bond. 

  1. Eligibility for permanent citizenship

Submit a complete application form and the respective fee with it. Your age must be 16 years and over. People who have the age between 18 to 59 years have to take the compulsory test.

You must be a permanent resident of Australia, which you can prove by living for more than four years with twelve months of it as a permanent resident.

If you are still confused about your migration process, then don’t worry. Take all the time you need and familiarize yourself with the processes involved in the system.

Hiring an agent will surely help, so that option is always available, but doing the whole process yourself is undoubtedly possible.

Australia has a lot to offer to an individual, and any person can give their best to become part of Australia’s fantastic culture. Australia has an alluring stable economy, beautiful vistas, and plenty of opportunities to grow.