MET Mumbai Pedagogy and International Associations

Pedagogy or the approach to teaching influences the overall development of learners. At MET Mumbai, both theory and practical lessons are imparted in a way that the students reflect the proficiency and competence of the tutors and their methods as the students forge ahead in their professional lives. The consummation of MET graduates in the corporate world speaks volumes for the pedagogy in the institution.

Every important discipline at MET is imbued using interactive methods – case studies, management games, role plays, workshops, videos, networking, seminars, and more, in order to deliver a cornucopia of empirical learnings. This is further enhanced by eight weeks of Summer Internship, Live Projects, and Industry Threshold program in the fourth semester drawing in placements.

How does MET hone the students’ skills?


Before the commencement of any programme, the students are exposed to a host of power-packed activities – projects, presentations, case studies, and psychometric tests. They are familiarized with corporate practices. It culminates in an interactive session involving the parents and the faculty.


Students are given extensive training and mock sessions of group discussions and personal interviews. Tie-ups with corporates allow the students to participate in live projects, summer programmes, and executive projects.


Certification courses at different stages are conducted in areas like e-business management – introduction and advanced levels; Strategic e-marketing / finance / HR / digital business; Crossing the corporate threshold

Besides the above, the college aids in Industry orientation, facilitating in placements.

The MET alumni cell continues to support the alumni in research and consultancy, besides offering lateral placements.

Human Centered Design Thinking

MET students are taught to think out of the box. They are encouraged to put innovation in their approach, to unleash the untapped potential to get forge ahead of the pack. With this initiative, the students launched: ‘Human Centred Design Thinking – a compassionate, synergetic, buoyant, and developmental project. The students came up with original concepts and constructed original models.

Some of the amazing models were: a modern cycle helmet, a house in a room, a modern bus stop for futuristic cities, an eco-friendly sachet to replace plastic ones, an ergonomic flex cart to help construction site workers, etc. Most of the prototypes have market potential too.

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What is unique about MET’s global connections?

MET Asian Management Development Centre has several feathers in its cap. The institution frequently invites global VIPs and officials from the USA, China, France, Germany, Mauritius, Israel, and Pakistan, who mingle with the students and give out their experiences. Besides this, several tutors from around the world come to MET as visiting faculty.

  • The UN honour

The United Nations has selected MET to materialize project Truth, a resource for comprehensive augmentation of tribals at Waliv in Thane District, with support from UNESCO. This is an MET exclusive, the only educational institute to have received this privilege. Their students seek an internship at the United nations.

  • Economics meet

MET collaborated with the U.S. Consulate to present a collective meet “US India Economic Ties – The Next 10 Years”. Experts on Economics spoke on reciprocal ties between the two countries and the mutual benefits that can accrue. Several students and faculty present benefitted from the event.

  • South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA)

SAFMA collaborated with MET in Mumbai, bringing together the most capable people from India and Pakistan.  The event was glossed by high-ranking ministers, the paparazzi, and the world of IT.

  • Award-winning director and author

T C McLuhan is the author of books such as Touch the Earth and directed the film: The Frontier Gandhi: Badshah Khan, a Torch for Peace. She met the students and faculty in an interactive session, and answered questions on her book and spoke about her filmmaking experience. She left the session fascinated by the amenities and infrastructure at MET.

  • Dutch-Indian connection

Willem Woudenberg, founder CEO of Brand Dialogue, a Dutch-Indian marketing and design agency addressed the MET MBA and Mass Media students on ‘Brand Building’. He delivered a lecture on the various features of brand building, with particular reference to its history and role in India and the Dutch aspect.

  • UNISA (University of South Africa)

Many students and tutors, including the Dean of UNISA from different streams, visited MET for an international exchange of ideas. They were all agog by the college and its amenities. It culminated in an interactive discussion on several topics.


Mumbai University holds festivals on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. On Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary in 2012, Mumbai University, along with MET, invited the University of South Africa on a student exchange programme. This was followed by mutual interaction of students and faculty of MET and the University of South Africa as part of a global reciprocal arrangement. They exchanged ideas on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi in the context of a management programme.

  • The European Union

Top envoys from the European Union visited MET for meeting jointly with the Strategic Foresight Group. Also present were MPs from both houses of parliament in India, besides top people from educational institutions and leaders. The report was deliberated in the Parliaments of India and the UK, besides the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and other places.

  • MET and the USA

MET convened a commission of envoys from the Universities of Illinois, some of whom also hold top positions in engineering, information technology, business management, agri-business management, and humanities. They deliberated on topics like art, spirituality, culture, etc. They discussed the contingencies of associations and working together of students from both countries. The delegates agreed on collaborating for several joint projects.

  • MET and France

MET invited Mr. Dominique Moisi, a special Advisor to the French Institute of International Relations, a guest tutor at Harvard University, and writer of books and columns in international newspapers. He is the Advisor to IFRI and an authority on International Relations and Geopolitics and Middle East Affairs. He appreciated the architects of the institution for making MET a college of excellence.

  • The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), Philadelphia

MET Rishikul Vidyalaya had convened Mr. Douglas Doman, Vice Director, IAHP, for a forum on the development of a child’s brain. He presented two topics – ‘How To be a better parent’ and ‘The Pathway to Wellness’. He addressed issues related to helping special children, covering the cause of developmental delays and the importance of addressing the disease, rather than the symptoms. More than three hundred parents were present in the forum.

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  • California Polytechnic State University

Chris A Carr, J D, Associate Dean, California Polytechnic State University, paid a visit to MET with Neetu B. Singh, Coordinator on a global review and interchange plan.

  • The US Consul General

The MET League of Colleges invited Mr. Paul A. Folmsbee, Consul General, USA, for a synergistic discussion and mutual exchange of ideas on ‘US-India Relations Leading into the New Administration’.

  • Republic of Mauritius

Dr. Vasant Bunwaree, the labour, industrial relations, and employment minister of Mauritius seemed dazzled by the framework and overall support at MET when he paid a visit.


MET can boast of the prestigious adulation from UN-ECOSOC (the United Nations Economic and Social Council) when Hanifa Mezoui Global Civil Society Champion, and Chief NGO Section, UN-ECOSOC partook of her ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility in connection with the Millennium Development Goals during a meet at MET. The United Nations council has generally been appreciative of MET during many occasions, and at this particular event, Dr. Mezoui focused on MET’s contributions in bringing forward the concept of synergetic and productive employment. She said that the UN Secretary-General had not only appreciated it but also ensured it was transcribed in six languages to be given to 192 members globally. She revered the institute for being instrumental in spreading awareness on constructive vocation.

  • Israel and MET

Dr. Ora Setter, Chief Operating Officer of many enterprises, and coach of students at a Business School at the Tel Aviv University addressed the MET students where many luminaries from Israel and head honchos of companies came together. She stressed the fact that Israel was not a martial country, and had more listed companies than the USA. Her country is a conducive place for business with almost no red tape.  The gathering, comprising of Israel and India, was impressed by the shared culture between the two countries. She regaled everyone with her wisdom, interspersed with humour.

MET has strived to design the curriculum in its programmes with a global perspective. MET has been organizing various international commissions and meets for the students, equipping them to function with flying colours anywhere in the world.

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