I truly believe in the saying that “An unexamined Life is not worth living”. There are some situations when we encounter something escapade that creates remarkable impact on our mind and heart and It is actually an icing on the cake when you get to experience those startling moments in your college days.

I feel MERI is such an Institution which provides students every opportunity to make alive all the dormant forces and talent in an individual to foster overall development. One of such opportunity that I got was short film/Documentary making contest-“PRALEKHI”. I still get electrified when I remember that wonderful experience. I could not ever imagine that PRALEKHI will originate the kind of ambitious spirit, deep thinking, persistence, perseverance and resilient attitude in us that we always dreamed about. It awakened the creativity in us that transcends our thought process in a beautiful way. We were the team of 10 innovators who never imagined themselves as Directors, Actors, Script writers, Screen players and what not.  The theme or topic of our short film was cyber crime and cyber bullying keeping in mind all the facts and incidents we actually wanted to spread a strong message of replacing cyber bullying with cyber believing .

Cyber crime and Cyber bullying Video:

With all the challenges, we learned so many things that we will cherish forever. We applied many theories and concepts which we learn in our classrooms in practical. We learned management skills, team work, Leadership skills, creative thinking and lateral thinking. Ms. Swati Chawla was our mentor , With her positive attitude and motivation we were going ahead with full passion & determination. Fortunately we won the PRALEKHI contest with priceless learnings.

MERI has always cultivated a habit of fascinating learning in students and made them realize their potential for creating the career path brick by brick.

Written By:
Sakshi Mishra
MBA 2018-20
MERI Group of Institute New Delhi

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