Memes on social media have incessantly dominated the online medium due to their sly and quick humour. A meme, by definition, is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person in a culture. Their expression has made communicating on the social front more elegant and enjoyable. Creativity has found its way in conveying the humorous intricacies of personal conversation.

Be it ‘Pulp Fiction’, or ‘Be Like Bill’, the memes running successfully in the start of 2016, people increasingly relate to them immediately, though they take some time to gather traction. A regular user of social platforms realises the dynamic nature of these memes. Every like, share or comment adds on to the spread of ideas. Just like evolution, these ideas have to be quite relatable to survive. They have to be, as everyone values something that connects with them or their culture.

Memes evolve just as our genes. These are altered by humans as they express creatively and continuously. The importance they hold in our lives depend on the strength of their recognition and personal experiences. A meme could make you feel happier for the rest of the day or make you reflect on the void nature of life. Like everything else, we get from it what we tend to seek in the moment.

Trollfaces integrate the effect of a meme. It is inexplicably amusing to watch these expressions after a sarcastiC taunt. The more playful they seem, the better. Interestingly, the 24 year old Carlos Ramirez, who drew the first trollface, has patented it and earns well off its use. Now that’s thug life! The latest online trend, after memes and trolls, was vines. Initiated in 2013, it allows users to upload six second videos on social media. Even celebrities use this platform for expression and publicity.

For anything to be funny, there must always be an element of surprise. Something unexpected sparks the laugh out of you. And sometimes the unexpectedness of common events in life being portrayed as unusual makes us giggle. That’s where standup comics steal their ideas from. So I wonder what could follow next in line!

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