Meet Nayani – this year’s AIIMS PG topper who is crazy about Clinical Research, cooking and gardening

It is not all about studying, says Nayani Singh Makkar, who topped the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) PG 2016 exam, the results of which were declared on November 19. Along with prep, Nayani indulged in a lot of leisure activities during prep time – cooking, gardening and creative writing to name a few. But when you ask her, what really gave her that edge over others to rank first, she says it was ‘maa ke haath ki chai.’ “That tea was my ultimate stress buster,” Nayani told PaGaLGuY.

Somewhere in the 9th grade, Delhi-based Nayani realised that medicine was her forte in life and worked towards it. “The feeling to serve society somewhere struck a chord and it grew. And that is why I took Biology because that would get me fastest to my final goal,” Nayani informed recalling her earlier days. The topper went on to complete her MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi.

“Preparing for the AIIMS exam is not as difficult as people make it out to be,”Nayani adds. According to her, the internship that students undergo after the MBBS course is possibly the best learning experience. “Nothing like actually working on the field, dealing with patients and illnesses. That is real learning,” she states. This topper joined a coaching class and looked up past years’ papers but her internship at the hospital sealed her fate, so to speak.” That Internship changed a lot of things for me. It was also the time I used to revise the syllabus and work out a strategy by which I could attempt maximum number of questions in the paper. That should be how people should spend internship time,” Nayani tips-off present MBBS students.

About the impending NEET exam (next week on December 5), Nayani suggests that aspirants concentrate on text books, rather than guide books. “Also, best to keep calm and believe in oneself. With a week to go, there is nothing much one can do anyway.”

Combating stress was easy for Nayani. The hot cup of tea her mother made, rejuvenated her. ” In addition, I meditated whenever I could. Both, helped tremendously. Of course, not to forget the time I spent in cooking, gardening and some creative writing.”

With regards to professional coaching, Nayani says that it does not provides a sure shot way to success. “Coaching helps judge oneself when compared to others, especially while taking mocks but not beyond that – one can top the class without formal coaching too.”

Post the results, Nayani’s world has changed. She knew she would be in the top ten but becoming a topper has blown her mind away. One week now but the congratulatory messages and emails have not ceased. “Am feeling so much confident now and my decision to pursue Clinical Research stands confirmed,” she said.

Ask her what else she is enjoying as AIIMS 2016 topper, and Nayani is quick to answer. “I am sleeping so much more now and that is such a relief.”

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