MBA-my back up plan!?

India is really a place of wonders. Here the majority does things for mere survival, if not survival then for an up gradation in the social level via earning loads of money.Well I wanted to be an engineer, not because my paternal uncle or maternal uncle’s elder son was an engineer too but because I liked the mechanisms involved behind every machine. I loved computer programming as well, it was like solving mathematical puzzles in a creative way. Unfortunately, I was born in the wrong place(India) at the wrong time(90’s). Since the 90’s of India, Engineering has become the in-thing, it guaranteed a paycheck at the end of 4 years and a proud achievement for the parents as well.

When I gave my joint entrance exam,not everybody wanted to be an engineer, but they were in the race, because it was sure to fetch money after graduation. Bsc, Msc, Bcom, were the things of past; media, arts and sports were anyways never taken seriously. My luck was worse, it wasn’t that everybody was after engineering, but computer engineering, as it fetched the most amount of money at that time. For another exam, I faced 1000000 students for 10000 seats, that meant even if I outscore 950000 students still I wasn’t good enough.

When I reached my half-decent private college, I met students who wanted to be statisticians and novelists, yet they were studying programming though they had hindi as an optional subject and they weren’t poor.

I have an experience of 2+ years now and I know exactly where I want to reach in the corporate industry. I have completely realized what skills I have and what I need to develop for the dream profile. MBA is just a step which can shorten my path to the goal. So this year I prepared well, and gave my best in the CAT, for a few hundreds of seats I again had to fight more than 200000 people. I scored average(relatively) and I will be denied my dream college which has the perfect faculty and curriculum to assist me reach my aim. It is alright, this is something which comes with huge population I guess. But no, turns out my bad luck has struck again, MBA is the in-thing this time.

I really don’t know how many people even understand what international business is or realize that marketing manager is not something they really want. MBA is an advanced course which does justice to only those who already know what they have to do. I am saddened to read the statement by the CAT topper Tejaswi Kasturi from IIT madras in which he treats CAT exam as a back up plan, Mr. Kasturi, I guess never went to IIT for the love of technical learning as well. With all due respect, this way sheer brilliance even directionless will always benefit and high potential with a vision will be suppressed.