MBA in Asian Countries

MBA from Asian Business Schools in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China etc. is gaining momentum due to attractive return on investments, lower costs and world class education. Recent study suggests a significant increase in applications for Asian Business Schools. Another factor driving popularity is their economy, which is growing at a much faster rate as compared with the western economies. Also, most programs are 12-15 month programs allowing experienced professionals to return the job market sooner.

Financial Services, Consulting and Technology happen to be major sectors absorbing more than 50 % of MBA graduates. At the same time, business schools are trying to become more global in outlook and curriculum and choose a diverse group of class. One of the challenges faced by international students is learning the local language, especially in China and Hong Kong.

Hence, before deciding on a business school, one needs to have the desire to learn the local language and willingness to imbibe the culture. A good overview of the global scenario and economy would also be very beneficial. Some of the top business schools in Asia include INSEAD (Singapore), National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, CEIBS , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology etc.

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