Season 2014 for MBA entrance exams preparations is on its way and as usual aspirants are trying to conjure as much material as possible. Resources are available in abundance and mostly for no charge but the real hurdle aspirants,especially working professionals, face each year is time management. Well, the solution might differ for different work profiles and individuals but the algorithm remains the same. Here are a few pointers from my experience that may help your cause.


First of all don’t stress yourself over preparation during working hours as it would be a futile exercise. MBA entrance exams ask basic Mathematics and Verbal Ability questions (CAT 2013 was an exception). Don’t panic over initial few low mock scores as coaching classes ante up the level of questions for their personal gains. Be in the moment ,work when it is required and rest whenever possible .


Be the early bird to catch the worm; try to rise early and devote an hour for revision of the questions attempted earlier. Create an excel sheet and enter your attempts and scores topic wise. This will help you to keep track of your recurring mistakes.


Subscribe to any one of the online vocab builder sites e.g.,, etc. These sites provide you with 5 to 10 words a day by emails which can be accessed through your company ethernet even if other MBA preparation sites are blocked.


Subscribe to sites like Test Funda or CAT Pundit ,they provide you with 1 to 2 questions for both sections of Quant and Verbal ability. This will help you to solve and learn about at least 1 type of question each day.


Try to inculcate a habit of mental calculation in your daily work routine and avoid calculators as much as possible. This exercise shall help you in solving Data Interpretation.


Join Pagalguy and other online forums ,this will keep you abreast with the latest news and developments related to MBA entrance exams.


Form a group of not more than 10 aspirants who share your aspirations and enthusiasm to put in the required extra efforts .This keeps you motivated and pushes you to strive for better performance.


After office hours first try to indulge in activities that helps you relax and then study for at least an hour every day so that the momentum is not lost.


Read newspapers like The Hindu and The Economist on daily basis. This will help you to improve your Verbal Ability and General Knowledge. Every year aspirants ignore General Knowledge section till they realise it’s too late to go through the entire archives.


Weekends, you need to utilise this break to the fullest. As a working professionals ,you will be writing all mock tests on weekends so choose a slot of your liking( Morning or Afternoon) and stick to it for the rest of the season.

All the best !!!

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