Luxottica chose Gaurav, Placement Story of the Week

Prior to my post-graduate journey @ MISB, I was totally unaware of how strong the brand Luxottica is as much as I was of an international opportunity (Bocconi) coming my way. And yes, after being shortlisted for IIMs, the decision of abandoning the interviews to enroll at MISB Bocconi was not at all an easy choice but in fact one of the most thoughtful decisions taken in my life.

Never thought that this decision was soon going to make such an impact in years to come thus giving a solid thrust to kickstart my professional career. Today, as I look back I do feel that I took a wise decision of coming to MISB because it has really given an international flavor to my academics and the knowledge base.

Before my internship, I was totally ignorant of the fact that there’s so much innovation and technology that goes into eyewear making. Such ignorance kept me isolated from realising the monopoly Luxottica enjoys of being an undisputed market leader in the eyewear industry controlling more than 80% of the brands in the eyewear category. My selection @ Luxottica for an internship was rather unexpected and it literally came as a surprise to me. I never saw it coming my way. But as we say “All’s well that ends well”. After having worked @ Luxottica in the Brand Management profile for Ray Ban India for three months; I have realised that I was working for a brand which is the bread and butter for Luxottica worldwide and did discover that in India, this brand has more than 98% aided recall.

Ray-Ban unlike other brands has a wide assortment. It was an eye-opener for me to know that the aviators just account for 25% of the total sales in Ray-Ban. It is not just these aviators which mainly contribute to net sales; but there are many others to choose from – wayfarers, clubmasters thus marking a style statement for many people. With each day progressively; I learnt a lot into Brand Management but I would rather say that still there’s a lot more to discover and unfold for an inquisitive person like me.

Time rolled on and there was this big day – ‘Bocconi & Jobs’, 1st edition – Mumbai campus wherein luckily, I got shortlisted by Luxottica India for a position in ‘Product Strategy & Line Planning’ after a series of interviews. The big and final interview was with Mr. Davide, Asia Head – Product Development, Luxottica for which I really had to hold my nerves till the results got announced. Finally, I was the one selected from a pool of candidates shortlisted.

I would pause myself here putting across some words of Mr. Akash Goyle – India Head, Luxottica which I feel are very much relevant for each one of us. “A dream is not something that you see when you are sleeping. A dream is something that keeps you awake.”

Gaurav Sharan – PGPB Student 2012-2014 at MISB Bocconi

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