This year the event promises to be bigger and more exciting both in terms of quality and entertainment. The event will comprise of three sections, namely the Scholastic corner comprising of material from the various fields of management, the Online Business Challenges and the Daily Section.

Prizes to be won!
The Online Business Challenges have some cool money on offer:
First Prize- 12,000Rs
Second Prize- 8,000Rs
Third Prize- 4,000Rs
The daily sections also have lots of prizes up for grabs. The total prize money for all the events is 1,50,000Rs.
A glimpse of the challenges planned for the event:-
Daily Section

Quixotica: The daily quiz will present challenges that will warm the hearts of quizzing enthusiasts all across the country. The quizzes which will be based on a range of themes will also incorporate time keeping, making them all the more challenging.

Khoj: Discover the depths of the web, the war for the best search engine specialists; Khoj gives its players a chance to reverse engineer standard search procedure. In other words, come to the required URL with the shortest term or phrase possible.

Maven’s Vista: “Maven’s Vista”, the scholastic corner opens up a channel of Interaction with the Top Corporate Executives, Academia and the Fourth Estate by featuring Articles, Case-studies, Interviews, Research and White papers on cutting-edge Economic, Business, Management and Technological Issues.
Online Business Challenges

Horns of Dilemma: A mind boggling strategy game which will test the decision making skills as well as the domain knowledge of the participants as they battle it out for their survival in the world of business.

Logware: An exciting logistics game which will inspire the participants to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional Supply Chain Management.

Investophile: An extremely intriguing game which will require sound knowledge of finance and expect the participants to don the role of a successful venture capitalist.

Vox Populi: A sensational game comprising political, economic as well as social factors which will entice the participants to vie for the helm by adopting suitable policies and hence win the maximum number of votes in the polls.

The Infotech Wizards: The game where you build an organization which strategizes your IT dreams and develops that dream breakthrough product or shine as an Outsourcing or Service Leader and become the Consulting leader of the 21st Century.

In addition to this the event will also have daily strips of the event comic character, Arbit Choudhury.

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