Marketing is omnipresent, effervescent, innovative, creative and so on. Marketing is creating value of any organizational or individual product. Create, innovate and differentiate are the three essential elements of

Marketing. Indefinitely in the present scenario, Marketing is the art of dealing with people. The transaction is just a part of the whole process, all that matters is relationship.

If we study in depth, Bhagwadgita also teaches how to enjoy every moment of life with the wisdom. Marketing enables you to foresee, deal wisely, enjoy the relationship with customers. Marketing if performed with stress can not attain the fulfillment but if performed with bliss, the self-actualization need can be satisfied. After all products are being developed for satisfying various needs and wants of customers.

The product is developed, modified and evaluated to serve the needs of various genre of customers. The different criteria for making successful product is always on the forefront. The company like Hyundai work on various parameters like name, symbols, pricing, language, market segmentation opportunities before coming out with any product in cross cultural markets.

The right type of marketing mix can enable the product to become a brand. Frito-Lay is rightly differentiating with Aliva brand and creating a new space in the market. The Comfort of Marico is based on Niche Marketing. The marketers today have to rely on specialized areas which can become the want of the customers. Ghadi has been transformed from regional brand to national brand. The Xpert dishwash, Venus truly elucidates the success of any brand which has truly executed the right type of Marketing Mix.

The consistent performance of any product leads to successful marketing of the same. Marketing enables you to deal with people, by the people and for the people. Although this sound simple the combined effort of organization is crystallized to form people oriented Marketing.

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