Management mantra from movie CHAK DE INDIA

Management Mantra from movie CHAK DE INDIA are:-

1) Making Impossible the Possible,2)Leadership Quality,3)Team Building, 4)Motivation, 5)Common Goal,6)Right Attitude, 7)How to break barrier of Communications.

Take a look on one statement “Jo ho nahi sakta wohi to krna hai” in the movie. As winning world cup for Indian women’s hockey is like impossible. But Kabir khan(Shahrukh Khan) takes it as a challenge and conveys his vision to the team members, though he is opposed by many, but he is sure what he is doing.

In the beginning he used the policy of negative motivation by firing and suspending the players who were not giving the desired behaviour, than he tries to come close to them to provide positive motivation and tries to develop acceptance for him. It is true that a leader could be successful if he/she is accepted by the followers.

One of the most interesting messages in the movie was about why the team is playing. “First and foremost, you are playing for the country, then playing for the team, and lastly if you have any strength left, playing for yourself.”

It was observed in the movie that having the talent is not important if it was used for itself, but it has to move with the TEAM. DIRECTING is important for winning.

For “SUCCESS“, Strategy Planning is important, which was shown in the movie.

Using the right strategy and the right time is critical.As Sometimes Winning is Everything.