Management, Business, and Finance

“America has the world’s best colleges” lists Business Insider as one of the reason why USA has a competitive advantage to dominate the world economy. It is needless to mention that other reasons include USA being the largest and most sustainable economy with stable dollar ratios and being a leader in technology, amongst other reasons. Investors flee the fast growing emerging markets to USA at the slightest hint of economic, political or social turmoil. Such is the power of the Greenback! The graduate and undergraduate programs at universities in USA exhibit the stability of the US economy while providing a global view of finance and business issues. In today’s exceedingly integrated world, such a wholesome coursework is imperative in business courses. Finance courses are best suited for individuals who want a challenging yet rewarding career. Finance degrees equip students to make investment decisions for individuals and corporations and chart out effective financial plans for healthier returns on investment. While finance degrees somewhat offer a concentrated and niche career to students, management and business degrees are highly dynamic. Students can choose to work in varied industries such as Investment management, banking, technology, nonprofit, healthcare, real estate, consulting etc.

The USA factor

USA is one of the top and reliable destinations for investors; therefore, many businesses choose USA for doing business. lists diversity, business-friendly environment, advancement in technology, infrastructure and workforce as factors which make USA an inevitable choice. USA offers abundant career and growth opportunities to its students. The kind of diversity in classrooms offered in business and finance degrees in USA are unparalleled, making it even more advantageous for international students. Learning through experiences of peers from different industries and countries makes the classroom discussions even more enriching. Students drawn to competitive learning environments must consider earning a business or finance degree from USA. The education system in USA has a perfect blend of practical focus and academic rigor making it an extremely attractive destination for students who wish to excel academically and professionally. On the flipside one must consider the current economic and employment conditions in USA. A little more than a decade ago, being educated in USA was a sure-shot ticket to rapid growth in career and probably a position in top management of a company. However, this decade brought with it the financial crisis, increased awareness about the is proportionate incomes of professionals and worrying unemployment rates in USA. Business and finance degrees turn out to be expensive when compared with Indian business degrees; therefore, it is necessary to consider the return on investment when applying to USA.

Degrees awarded

A student aiming to earn a bachelor’s degree from USA normally receives a Bachelor in Arts or Bachelors in Science degree depending on the kind of courses the student takes up. Majors in economics, mathematics and statistics are popular amongst the students who wish to make a career in financial services. A graduate student may choose to pursue Master’s in business administration, Master’s of Science in Finance. While MBA is relatively a general course in business which provides a plentitude of alternatives to choose from on the basis of one’s career goals, MSF promises a career in financial services such as investment banking, portfolio management, or financial advisory. Experienced professionals may explore executive MBA options offered by almost all business universities.

The right fit

While choosing a university, students must consider the curriculum offered. The electives offered in MBA programs are plenty, and hence a student must carefully check whether the courses taught and the faculty teaching the courses interest them. Business and finance degrees require the students to develop deep theoretical knowledge along with keeping in touch with the business world. The faculty must be a good mix of industry professionals and academicians. Business degrees typically have an in-built option of taking up an internship in the summers between the first and the second year. Apart from great network with corporations, the universities must be near or in big cities to offer ample placement opportunities. However, with such geographical advantages come increased costs of living. Location of the university is one of the most underrated factors which students take into considerations while making the studying abroad decisions. Further, activities outside of the classroom are as important for growth as an individual. Student clubs are a great way to interact with like minded people, and broaden your horizons. The decision of choosing the university must depend on all of the aforementioned factors.

Curriculum offered

Universities offer courses in Accounting, business analytics, information technology, finance, supply chain management, marketing, management and strategy to students with interest in business and finance. In a typical finance or business oriented degree at an undergraduate level, a student should preferably take up accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics courses to develop a basic understanding of business models and to enhance the aptitude for data and numbers. Since the undergraduate courses are multidisciplinary, it is imperative for students to choose majors and electives wisely to fulfill the admission requirements that any higher education degree may require. For instance, many colleges require the student to have taken a course in Econometrics at their undergraduate level of study to be able to pursue

Masters of Science in Finance. Therefore, students must not lose sight of their long-term career objectives. A candidate must choose a program on the basis of the curriculum offered its relevance in the global economy and the opportunities offered for industry interactions. Advanced courses such as Advanced Business Modelling, Advanced Information Technology are also offered for students who wish to specialise and deep dive into a field of study.