“Love your work, don’t worry about the fruit” is the key of whole success.

image courtesy: Bharat Goyal Photography

The end of a journey is more important, because this end was the driver of your journey. You always set this end to get there at any costs. This end is the report card of your whole journey.

If you agree with above statements, prepare to experience failure in that journey. Because you put up psychological pressure on yourself by doing that.

Put that ‘at any costs’ attitude aside. Never think about what will be the end of this journey. Create a temptation goal for the journey.

Let me explain with an example: If you are preparing for the CAT test, you set a target (or end or report card) as 99.50 percentile and to achieve this percentile you set another target of attempting 55 questions out of 60. This target put up a psychological pressure on you, and you will fail.

Now consider same with temptation target – just set confidence as your goal. To accomplish this goal, practice till perfection but perfection has no limits. So practice as much as you can. By the D-day, you will have enough confidence to be stand as winner.

Never allow the pressure of your result to choke your performance to enjoy the part of wonderful journey because very often we have no control on few things that come in our way.

In above example how you can sure about those 55 questions will achieve you 99.50%ile or more, you have no idea of what other candidate is going to do. If you keep worrying about what other candidates doing, you resisting yourself to performing best. If you prepare well enough for game, you never lose that game. You lose it because you don’t perform as much as you can.

More often people are telling about to give more than 100%. How is it possible? Can you fill 500 mL of water in 250 mL bottle? I know your answer is in NO. But yes you can, first you have to consume first 250 mL of water from that bottle then fill it again. ‘To give more than 100%’ doesn’t mean that give your 110%, 200% or whatever, it mean to give your 100% every time when you are in the field.

Great people become great because they excel in their preparation. Whatever you achieve in the end, is result of whole preparation during the journey. Set yourself performance goals not the result goals.

“Love your work, don’t worry about the fruit” is the key of whole success.