I don’t intend to boast about anything, this is just my experience.

Music as perceived by many, is a rhythmic, melodious composition of musical notes. For many years, even I connected with music in the same way. I would listen to a song and I would like it only if the singer qualified for my personal criterion of “My Favorite Singer” and also if the song was catchy. My perception of music changed when I listened to a randomly chosen song at my uncle’s place using his headphones. All I can recollect is that I could hear every musical instrument being played in that song! I was amazed! A new curiosity had emerged in me. I wanted to listen to every song with such detail! I identified several unheeded beats, strums and tunes in a song. Sometimes it occurred just once in the middle of a song! But I waited to hear it (Try it. It’s fun!)

And so a year passed and I developed a lot of interest in music. I even went to a crash course in guitar, (Although I did not master it. Read my article “Strings and Frets“). And then I wanted to compose my own song. I know I had started dreaming big without knowing the A, B, C of music. But I badly wanted to compose a song which had a meaning in it. Which is not just catchy, but which can match up with the songs sung by international artists. So then I set of on the task of composing a tune for my first song. I did this while carrying out my daily tasks, humming a tune, trying to find out if it matched with any of the songs that I know of. One day, while washing my clothes, I found a melodious tune(that’s what I think of it). I noted down the tune i.e take a guitar, play the tune and note down on which string and fret of the guitar it is played. Well this is how I write down my compositions.

So now I had a composition. All I needed is the lyrics for the song and then my song would be complete, or so I thought. I sat down one day and wrote a story. It took me quite a while to convert that story to decent lyrics. I named the song “Love Untold”. Now everything was ready. I had to only record the song and then I would upload it on YouTube, get a million hits, become an international superstar and play golf with Hollywood celebrities. But there was something missing. Something that made me to not record it in a professional studio. It was the zeal to materialize my composition.

Three years passed, I graduated, got 1 year work experience but I had still not recorded the song. The lyrics had undergone several modifications. My excuse was that I had no musical background and dint know where to record a song. Two of my friends motivated me to record the song. One by saying that it will top the Billboard charts and the other by giving me the push to “google” recording studios at where I reside. So Google searched a recording studio for me. I was a bit hesitant to approach the studio manager. What if he says that he doesn’t cater to such foolish requests like recording just one song. I feared I will be embarrassed if he/she asks me any details about the composition that only trained musicians can explain. I thought they will laugh at the lyrics that I had written.

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