Give A Shot!

This Story is about Risk, Take risk. Risk gives more profit. My half life has ended in school, college, Post grad and books. I am so fed up of studies that sometimes I think I should have followed my heart when I was in my 6th Grade.

I was a keen designer. I made my first outfit at the age of 11 it was made out of my blue silk gown. It took me 12 hours to design , cut and stitch. Everyone appreciated my work. I wore it many times. The next stitching exercise took place soon after and this time I made my 1st capri from the old jeans of my brother. I made small tiny dresses for my doll. It became a passion for me. I started designing jewellery for my doll and for my self. I loved crafting décors a homework from S.U.P.W classes. I knew I loved crafting , designing and experimenting.

I never followed what I loved. I was a mediocre student at school. I left science after my 12th after learning that I will fail in Engineering because I can’t understand the way the tutors teach. I regret what I have done. The irony is that I loved marketing and I was studying finance. I always say I am destine and I am scared what my destiny has in it.

In school days I had freedom to see the weirdest dreams . I wish I could make it real. I wanted to run away from my home because I was sure that I would fail in Maths AGAIN. I planned everything out. Cash, place to go, transport to take, tickets and how I will survive for so many years. I planned to run to Chandigarh and start my own boutique. I planned everything how to start with scratches to making a brand in the market. How I will progress in 5 years.

All these seems weird but imagine if it was true and I really would have managed to start my business. Wow! How different my life would have been then. But I was scared of taking risk . I did not wanted to go out of way and do something which involved immense risk. But my destiny has something else. I am studying PG and looking forward to a 9 to 6 job. I stay with my parents who question me about my future and that gives me the chills.

I can’t go back to my childhood to correct my mistakes. I tried to learn sewing twice but I failed to join the course. Now after investing so much of time and money in MBA I can’t scrap what I have learned. I have to move on now. I have to thrive on whatever is disposed in my way. I wish I had taken the risk.