Love @ 7- Part III

And she began walking her way, tears flowing down here cheeks.

“Wait”, Mayank screamed.

“Please leave me alone , if anyone saw you with me, I will have to face dire circumstances”, she sighed.

“Love is not about letting your lover go, Ananya, just tell me you love me or not?”

“I don’t know, Mayank but you deserved better than me, go and find some one who can give her love to you” with these words she left. It was the last that they saw each other

The next morning Mayank went to her apartment but the guard told him that Ananya left at 4 in the morning.


It’s been 8 years since the last conversation they shared, Mayank has a 6 year old son & a lovely wife but he will never forget the 6 months of constant staring at 7 when he was a bachelor. Maybe his love would be like this forever, constant, secret somewhere deep in the heart not letting any one know how much he missed her after these 8 deadly years….