Love @ 7- Part II

She made a face & began to leave, a week passed & the same routine followed. By now the girl liked Mayank, the way he dressed up was sauve & sophisticated & now Mayank had calmed down a bit, as in he knew that he must not reveal his interest so damn clearly making the girl uncomfortable…

Both stared from time to time, when he stared she looked in the opposite direction biting her red lips beautifully, when she looked back, Mayank looked down but they both knew they wanted each other’s attention.

A month passed & still no improvement from both the sides were made, no initiatives were taken & they were shy like hell. Both sober, polite & had awesome personalities yet they feared rejection (everybody in love get chills down the spine when it’s time to express there feelings, Right?)

At last after 6 months Mayank got the courage & followed her till the end of the street, she knew she was being followed but she wanted him to make the first move.

“Excuse Me”

“Yes” she stopped.

“Can I please know your name?”


“I want to tell you something, girl”

“What is it?”

“I come to the market everyday at 7 just to get a glimpse of yours, I am Mayank & I am not a loafer by any means”. “I think I have fallen for you, I love everything you do, I know you live at Rose Apartments, 6th floor & I would really like to know you better”

“I know you come there just for me, I noticed the constant staring some 6 months back, I would like to confess – sometimes I don’t buy any veggies still I come just to get a glance” she said shyly.

“How can you be so sure that you love me?, you hardly know anything about me? Maybe after knowing me you would not like me anymore? Ananya asked.

“Even after knowing everything I am sure I would love you even more, there’s something that attracts me towards you & I am sure its not only your beauty but the inner soul”

“What if I told you I am a Widow” she said.

Mayank was speechless, “What?”

“Yes, I know I should not have acted in such a manner but my husband died after a week & my in-laws say I bring bad-luck, I am not a well educated girl & my religion would not allow me to date another man”, I have to live with my destiny no matter what!

“Can’t you fight against the customs for our love…” “Oh! I am sorry, you don’t even love me, right?”

“I don’t know, but in those 15 minutes in your strange company I feel as if I am free of all the boundations, society had imposed on my heart, I am not allowed to love, I am sorry”