Indian School of Business (ISB)

The Indian School of Business, or ISB, is one of the most sought-after business schools that welcomes students from all over the nation to participate in world-class education programs that impart superior knowledge and essential professional experience. ISB is not just a business school; it is a brand that has managed to create successful entrepreneurs and leaders who have changed the way we see business and management sectors these days. 

From planning the perfect strategy to applying at ISB and clearing the interview, students have to start somewhere and take certain steps which can lead them directly to the Indian School of Business campus. In this article, we will mention a student’s journey to ISB. 


Introspecting the Need to Join ISB 

While everyone might have a different story of why they wanted to join the business programs at ISB, it all boils down to one thing: growth. Some people want to grow in their careers while others want to completely change their tracks and pursue something. Some want to join their family business, and others want to step into entrepreneurship. Hence, it is essential to understand one’s need to join the ISB campus first. 

Aspirants need to analyse where they are in their career path and where they want to see themselves moving forward. It is crucial to have long-term and short-term goals before applying. Even if you plan on doing an MBA to get a hike in salary, make sure you calculate the ROI and more. With the help of the scholarships and financial aid provided to students, there is no doubt that ISB will be a worthwhile option. 

“I thank ISB wholeheartedly for sponsoring my education and allowing me to pursue my dreams without a hefty debt burden on my shoulders.” Rishav Agarwal, PGP Co’23. 


Programs Available At ISB 

Students who are clear about their goal to join ISB should perform detailed research about the ISB programs. Fortunately, the Indian School of Business, with campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad, boasts some of the best education programs. For instance, the PGP or Post Graduate Program in Management at the Indian School of Business is one of the most lucrative programs offered by the institution. 

This one-year management program ranks globally among the most informative courses that endow young managers with global exposure and multidisciplinary perspectives. The program has been created to completely enhance the business management skills of students with the help of an advanced research-based curriculum and cutting-edge tools. The institution brings a world of knowledge and insights into the business sector with this amazing educational program that is taught by some of the most gifted minds as faculty members. 

The young minds of ISB who are pursuing the PGP in Management program at the institution are prepared thoroughly for an astonishing career ahead in the industry. 

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try! Tomorrow, as I (finally!) start my Post Graduate Program in Management at the Indian School of Business, I am both excited (and a little nervous!) to go back to school and start what has been called “a year of transformation“. Ruchira Singh, PGP Co’ 23. 


Analysing the Expectations of the ISB Admissions Committee From the Applicants 

The students need to be aware of the different admission processes and the expectations of the admission committee. The admission process at ISB for the PGP takes place in three different rounds. There are two different entry modes EEO and YLP. Students should have a clear idea about the hopes and expectations that the members of the committee of admissions have. The details can be found at the webinars and the admission events that are conducted by ISB. 

Applying to ISB is just the first step towards the whole journey. The application will be then evaluated on the basis of different factors that will eventually decide the next course of events. If shortlisted, candidates are invited for an interview. Once the interview is over, ISB will then release the different offers for admission. This is a very important step and students need to keep in mind that this selection takes place on the basis of several factors that assist in the evaluation of the candidates. 


Understanding the Factors of Evaluation 

ISB has very high standards when it comes to the selection of candidates for their top-notch educational programs. As per the reports, four important criteria help in deciding a candidate’s admission at ISB. Academics, interview performance, quantity & quality of work, and test score. Students have to make sure that they qualify for every single criterion in order to be considered for admission to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the nation. From an exam point of view, students have to complete their GMAT/GRE to apply to the Indian School of Business. 


Why Choose ISB? 

The Indian School of Business was created to serve as an inspiration to young leaders who have the potential to direct the evolving business industry towards social transformation and economic growth. 

The unique and holistic approach to education promotes the development of future leaders. Here we are mentioning some of the major reasons why pursuing a PGP course from the Indian School of Business is a benefit that most students would want to experience. Some prominent features of ISB that attract students from all over the nation include: 

  • Affiliations with world-class international universities 
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for students 
  • Prominent members of the faculty with adept experience in the business industry
  • Alumni members from different sections of the world
  • International Exposure

For others, it was a leap of faith but for me, it was more sensible to pursue PGP at ISB than an MBA in the US.” Prashanth Vasu, PGP Co’ 02. 


How to Apply

Eligible candidates are required to fill out an online form for submission of details such as academic details, work history, GMAT/GRE scores, etc. Candidates are also required to furnish two essays and a letter of awards and achievements from a professional peer. You can click here to apply or for more information. The last date to apply for the final round is 29th January 2023.


The ISB Merit waiver is a constant reminder for me to have confidence in my own abilities.” Avanti Palekar, PGP Co’ 23. 

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