Logical Reasoning Quiz for SNAP

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This quiz consists of questions from
various past actual papers of SNAP. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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Directions (Qs. 1 to 6): Three local
companies – F, G and H – and three out-of-state companies – X, Y and Z must
each be scheduled for one of the six consecutive days from Monday through
Saturday to make their presentations

(i) F’s presentation must be made earlier
than H’s presentation.

(ii) X’s presentation must be made earlier
than Z’s presentation, but not on the day immediately preceding Z’s

(iii) The three presentations by the local
companies cannot all be made before any presentation by an out-of-state company
is made, nor can the three presentations by the out-of- state companies all be
made before any presentation by a local company.

1. Which of the following is a list of the
six companies in the order in which they could be scheduled to make their

(a) F, H, G, X, Y, Z  

(b) F, H, Z, G, Y, X

(c) G, Y, F, X, Z, H

(d) X, G, Y, F, H, Z

2. If F’s presentation is to be made on
Friday, then the companies making their presentations in the three-day period,
Monday through Wednesday, must include

(a) G and X

(b) G and Y

(c) H and Z

(d) X and Y

3. If X’s presentation is to be made on
Thursday, then Friday’s presentation must be made by either

(a) F or Y

(b) F or Z

(c) G or H

(d) G or Z

Which of the following is a list of all those days, and only those days,
on which Z could make his presentation?

(a) Wednesday, Friday

(b) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

(c) Thursday, Friday, Saturday

(d) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

5. If F is to make his presentation after Z
then which of the following is a day on which X could make his presentation?

(a) Tuesday

(b) Wednesday

(c) Friday

(d) Saturday

6. If H is to make his presentation on
Wednesday and if Y’s presentation is to be made earlier than the H’s
presentation, then G must make his presentation on

(a) Monday

(b) Tuesday

(c) Thursday

(d) Friday

Directions (Qs. 6 to 10): The only persons
who attended a meeting were four ship captains and the first mates of only
three of those captains. The captains were R, S, T and W. The first mates were
L, N and V. Each person in turn delivered a report to the group as follows:

(i) Each first mate spoke immediately after
his or her captain.

(ii) S was the first captain to speak, and
T was the second captain to speak.

7. All of the following are possible orders
of the speakers except

(a) S, L, T, V, W, R, N

(b) S, N, T, V, R, W, L

(c) S, T, L, R, N, W, V

(d) S, T, V, N, W, R, L

8. If R spoke after L and L was the third
of the first mates to speak, then all of the following statements could be true

(a) W spoke immediately after V.

(b) L was the fourth speaker after S.

(c) W’s first mate was present.

(d) The captains spoke in the order S, T,
W, R.

9. If L spoke immediately after R and
immediately before W, and W was not the last speaker, then R spoke

(a) Second

(b) Third

(c) Fourth

(d) Sixth

10. If V is S’s first mate, then N could be
the person who spoke immediately

(a) Before T

(b) Before L

(c) Before V

(d) After T

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