Logical Reasoning Quiz for MBA entrance exams

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This quiz consists of actual questions from various CAT
papers from the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments
section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Questions 1 to 5: Each of these questions contains six
statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in
which the statements are logically related.


A. No barbarian is gentleman.

B. Some gentlemen are barbarians.

C. Some gentlemen are rude.

D. No gentlemen are rude.

E. Some barbarians are not rude.

F. All barbarians are rude.

(a) ABE                  (b) BCE                      (c) ADF                    (d) BDE


A. Metal is good material for desks.

B. Desks are made of metal.

C. This object is not a desk.

D. This object is a desk.

E. This object is not made of metal.

F. This is made of metal.

(a) ADF                     (b) BCE                      (c) ABD                           (d) BDF


A. Mathew and Paul are brothers.

B. Siblings are known to quarrel often.

C. Mathew and Paul don’t quarrel.

D. All those who quarrel are siblings.

E. Paul and Mathew quarrel often.

F. Mathew and Paul cannot be siblings.

(a) BDE                      (b) ADF                         (c) CDE                        (d) ABE


A. Painting and music is art.

B. Art is a symptom of culture.

C. Culture and art are complementary.

D. Music is a form of art.

E. Painting is a form of art.

F. Music shows culture.

(a) BDF                     (b) AEF                      (c) ACE                            (d) CEF


A. Different hues are obtained from primary colours.

B. A rainbow consists of several hues.

C. Blue and red can give different hues.

D. Red is a primary color.

E. Blue can give different hues.

F. Red can give different hues.

(a) ACE                 (b)
AEF                      (c)
ADF                             (d) CDF

Questions 6 to10: Each of these items has a question
followed by two statements. As the answer,

Mark (a), If the question can be answered with the
help of statement I alone,

Mark (b), If the question can be answered with the
help of statement II, alone,

Mark (c), If both, statement I and statement II are
needed to answer the question, and

Mark (d), If the question cannot be answered even with
the help of both the statements

6. Is it more profitable for Company M to produce Q?

I.  Product R sells at a price
four times that of Q

II. One unit of Q requires 2 units of labour, while one unit of R
requires 5 units of labour. There is a no other constraint on production.

7. A train started from Station A, developed engine
trouble and reached Station B 40 minutes late. What is the distance between
Stations A and B?

I. The engine trouble developed after travelling 40 km from Station A
and the speed reduced to ¼th of the original speed.

II. The engine trouble developed after travelling 40 km from station A
in two hours and the speed reduced to 1/4th of the original speed.

8. What is the value of the prime number x?

I.  x^2 + x is a two digit number
greater than 50

II. x^3 is a three digit number.

9. The average of three unequal quotations for a
particular share is Rs. 110. If all are quoted in integral values of rupee, does
the highest quotation exceed Rs. 129?

I.  The lowest quotation is Rs.

II. One of the quotations is Rs. 115.

10. X says to Y, “I am 3 times as old as you were 3
years ago”. How old is X?

I. Y’s age 17 years from now would be the same as X’s present age.

II. X’s age nine years from now would be 3 times Y’s present age.

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1(d)    2(d)    
3(d)    4(a)     5(c)    
6(c)   7(b)    8(a)    
9(a)    10(a)