Logical Reasoning Quiz for MBA entrance exams

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This quiz consists of questions from various past papers of
MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments section below
and we’ll soon let you know the correct answers!

Directions 1 to 10: Each question contains six
statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in
which the combinations are logically related.


A. All vegetarians eat meat.

B. All those who eat meat are not vegetarians.

C. All those who eat meat are herbivorous.

D. All vegetarians are carnivorous.

E. All those who eat meat are carnivorous.

F. Vegetarians are herbivorous.

(a) BCE              (b) ABE               (c) ACD                    (d) ACF


A. All roses have thorns.

B. All roses have nectar.

C. All plants with nectar have thorns.

D. All shrubs have roses.

E. All shrubs have nectar.

F. Some roses have thorns.

(a) BEF               (b) BCF                 (c) BDE                  (d) ACF


A. No spring is a season.

B. Some seasons are springs.

C. Some seasons are autumns.

D. No seasons are autumns.

E. Some springs are not autumns.

F. All springs are autumns.

(a) DFA            (b) BEF                  (c) CEB                 (d) DEB


A. All falcons fly high.

B. All falcons are blind.

C. All falcons are birds.

D. All birds are yellow.

E. All birds are thirsty.

F. All falcons are yellow.

(a) ABC              (b) CDF                    (c) DEF                    (d) BCA


A. No wires are hooks.

B. Some springs are hooks.

C. All springs are wires.

D. Some hooks are not wires.

E. No hook is a spring.

F. All wires are springs.

(a) AED               (b) BCF                   (c) BEF                    (d) ACE


A. Some abra are dabra.

B. All abra are cabra.

C. All dabra are abra.

D. All dabra are not abra.

E. Some cabra are abra.

F. Some cabra are dabra

(a) AEF                (b) BCF                    (c) ABD                (d) BCE


A. No plane is a chain.

B. All manes are chains.

C. No mane is a plane.

D. Some manes are not planes.

E. Some planes are manes.

F. Some chains are not planes.

(a) ACD                (b) ADF                    (c) ABC              (d) CDF


A. All dolls are nice.

B. All toys are nice.

C. All toys are dolls.

D. Some toys are nice.

E. Some nice things are dolls.

F. No doll is nice.

(a) CDE                   (b) CEF                     (c) ACD                      (d) BEF


A. Some buildings are not sky-scrappers.

B. Some sky-scrappers are not buildings.

C. No structure is a sky-scrapper.

D. All sky-scrappers are structures.

E. Some sky-scrappers are buildings.

F. Some structures are not buildings.

(a) ACE                  (b) BDF                     (c) CDE                        (d) ACF


A. All bins are buckets.

B. No bucket is a basket.

C. No bin is a basket.

D. Some baskets are buckets.

E. Some bins are baskets.

F. No basket is a bin.

(a) BDE                  (b) ACB                     (c) CDF                          (d) ABF

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1(d)    2(c)    
3(a)    4(b)     5(d)    
6(b)   7(c)    8(a)    
9(b)    10(d)