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    Dear readers,

    This quiz consists of questions from
    various past actual papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses
    in the comments section below and we’ll soon let you know the correct answers!

    Directions for Question No. 1-2

    Seven people A, B, C, D, E, F, G are
    planning to enjoy boating. There are only two boats, and the following
    conditions are to be kept in mind.

    (I) A will go in the same boat in which E
    is to go.

    (II) F cannot go in the boat in which C is,
    unless D is also accompanying

    (III) Neither B nor C can be given boat in
    which G is.

    (IV) The maximum number of persons in one
    boat can be four only.

    1. If F and B are in one boat, which of the
    following statements is true?

    (a) G is in the other boat

    (b) D is in the other boat

    (c) C is in the other boat

    (d) E is with F and B in one boat

    2. If E gets the boat with F, which of the
    following is the complete and accurate list of the people who must be sitting
    in other boat?

    (a) F and E

    (b) G and A

    (c) D and A

    (d) C, D and B

    3. Four children A, B, C & D having
    some chocolates each.

    A gives B as many as he already has, he
    gives C twice of what C already has and he gives D thrice of what D already

    Now, D gives 1/8th of his own chocolates to

    Then A gives 10% chocolates he now owns to
    C and 20% to B.

    Finally, all of them have 35 chocolates

    What is the original number of chocolates
    each had in the beginning?

    (a) A-110, B-10, C-10, D-10

    (b) A-90, B-20, C-20, D-10

    (c) A-70, B-25, C-25, D-20

    (d) A-125, B-5, C-5, D-5

    4. In a cricket team, three batsmen Ricky,
    Sachin and Brian are the top three run-scorers in any order. Each of them gives
    two replies to any question, one of which is true and the other is false,
    again, in any order. When asked about who the top scorer was, following were
    the replies they gave:

    Sachin: I got the top score. Ricky was

    Brian: I got the top score. Sachin was

    Ricky: I got the top score. Sachin was

    Which of the following is the correct order
    of batsmen who got the top score, second best and third best score

    (a) Brian, Ricky, Sachin

    (b) Brian, Sachin, Ricky

    (c) Ricky, Sachin, Brian

    (d) Sachin, Brian, Ricky

    5. 60 employees in an office were asked
    about their preference for tea and coffee. It was observed that for every 3
    people who prefer tea, there are 2 who prefer coffee. For every 6 people who
    prefer tea, there are 2 who drink both of tea and coffee. The number of people
    who drink both is the same as those who drink neither.

    How many people drink both tea and coffee?

    (a) 10               (b)
    12               (c) 14              (d) 16

    6. A clock strikes once at 1 o’clock, twice
    at 2 o’clock and so on. If it takes 6 seconds to strike at 3 o’clock, how much
    time will it take to strike at 9 o’clock?

    (a) 24 seconds            (b) 18 seconds            (c)
    20 seconds             (d) None of these

    Direction for Questions 7 – 8

    E-1, E-2 and E-3 are three engineering students
    writing their assignments at night. Each of them starts at a different time and
    completes at a different time. The digit in their names and the order of their
    starting and completing the assignment is certainly not the same. The last
    student to start is the first to complete the assignment.

    7. Who is the first student to start writing the

    (a) E-1             (b)
    E-2             (c) E-3             (d) Cannot be decided

    8. Who is the last student to complete the assignment?

    (a) E-1             (b)
    E-2             (c) E-3             (d) Cannot be decided

    Directions for Questions 9 – 10

    A, B and C are three students from Don Bosco School
    and P, Q and R are three students from Elite School. Q is brighter than R but
    duller than the Don Bosco School student who is brighter than A. The same Don
    Bosco School student is duller than P but is brighter than C.

    9. Who is brightest among all?

    (a) B                (b)
    P                 (c) R                 (d) Cannot be decided

    10. Who is the dullest among the three students from Elite School?

    (a) P                 (b) Q                (c) R                 (d) Cannot be decided

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    1(a)    2(d)    
    3(a)    4(a)     5(b)    
    6(a)   7(c)    8(a)    
    9(b)    10(c)   

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