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Directions (Questions 1-3): Study the information below to answer these

i) Seeta, Rajinder and Surinder are children of Mr and Mrs Aggarwal.

ii) Renu, Raja and Sunil are children of Mrs and Mr Malhotra.

iii) Sunil and Seeta are a married couple and Ashok and Sanjay are their

iv) Geeta and Rakesh are children of Mr and Mrs Gupta.

v) Geeta is married to Surinder and has three children named Rita, Sonu and

1. How is Rajinder related to Ashok?

(1) Father-in-law

(2) Brother-in-law

(3) Cousin

(4) Maternal Uncle

2. What is Sanjay’s surname?

(1) Gupta

(2) Malhotra

(3) Aggarwal

(4) Surinder

3. Renu is Sanjay’s:

(1) Sister-in-law

(2) Sister

(3) Cousin

(4) Aunty

Directions (Questions 4-6): Answer these questions on the basis of the
information given below:

Twenty-one participants from four continents (Africa, America, Australia
and Europe) attended a United Nations conference. Each participant was an
expert in one of four fields-labour, health, population studies, and refugee
relocation. The following five facts about the participants are given.

i) The number of labour experts in the camp was exactly half the number of
experts in each of the three other categories.

ii) Africa did not send any labour expert. Otherwise, every continent,
including Africa, sent at least one expert for each category.

iii) None of the continents sent more than three experts in any category.

iv) If there had been one less Australia expert, then America would have
had twice as many experts as each of the other continents.

v) Mike and Alfano are leading experts of population studies who attended
the conference. They are from Australia.

4. Which of the following cannot be determined from the information given

(1) Number of health experts from Europe.

(2) Number of labour experts from America.

(3) Number of health experts from Australia.

(4) Number of experts in refugee relocation from Africa.

5. Which of the following combinations is not possible?

(1) 2 experts in population studies from America and 1 health expert from
Africa attended the conference.

(2) 2 experts in population studies from America and 2 health experts from
Africa attended the conference.

(3) 3 experts in refugee relocation from America and 1 health expert from
Africa attended the conference.

(4) Afirca and America each had 1 expert in population studies attending
the conference.

6. If Ramos is the lone American expert in population studies, which of the
following is not true about the numbers of experts in the conference from the
four continents?

(1) There is one expert in refugee relocation from Africa.

(2) There is one expert in health from Africa.

(3) There are two experts in health from America.

(4) There are three experts in refugee relocation from America.

Directions (Questions 7-10): Answer these questions independent of each

7. Rahul walks 30 metres towards south then turns to his right and starts
walking straight till he completes another 30 metres. Then again turning to his
left he walks for 20 metres. He then turns to his left and walks for 30 metres.
How far is he from his initial position?

(1) 30 metres

(2) 50 metres

(3) 10 metres

(4) 60 metres

8. A girl leaves from her home. She first walks 30 metres in North-West
direction and then 30 metres in South-West direction. Next, she walks 30 metres
in South-East direction. Finally, she turns towards her house. In which
direction is she moving?

(1) South-West

(2) South-East

(3) North-East

(4) North-West

9. Five students participated in the scholarship examination. “Sudha scored
higher than Puja. Kavita scored lower than Suma but higher than Sudha. Mamta
scored between Puja and Sudha.” Who scored lowest in the examinatiion?

(1) Puja

(2) Kavita

(3) Mamta

(4) Sudha

10. Samant remembers that his brother’s birthday is after fifteenth but
before eighteenth of February, whereas his sister remembers that her brother’s
birthday is after sixteenth but before nineteenth of February. On which date of
February is Samant’s brother’s birthday?

(1) 18th            (2) 16th            (3) 19th           (4) 17th

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1(4)    2(2)    
3(4)    4(4)     5(4)   
 6(3)   7(2)   
8(3)     9(1)    10(4)   

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