LocusFocus- Kansas & Alabama


Located in the Midwestern part of the United States, Kansas is the 34th most populous and 15th largest (area-wise) state of the U.S. The state is divided into 7 regions and 105 counties and has a recorded population of 2,911,641, majorly the White Americans. Spanish is the second most spoken language here, after English. Kansas is also one of the most agriculturally productive states, producing high yields of wheat, corn, soybeans. Interestingly, this state is frequently referred to as the ‘Wheat State‘. 

Talking about the cities, Kansas has 627 incorporated cities, the popular ones being Topeka (capital), Wichita (the largest city), Overland Parks, Lawrence ( The River Festival), Kansas City (shopping, sports etc.)and Manhattan. In terms of weather, Kansas shows great variability- from winter blizzards to warm summers, violent windstorms to heavy rainfall and even tornadoes, one can enjoy the 4 seasons with its own unique qualities. Also to mention, the unobstructed night skies in the country, a truly beautiful sight and certainly not worth a miss!

Major tourist attractions in Kansas are:

  • Tall grass Prairie National Preserve
  • Lake Scott State Park
  • Kansas State Capitol
  • Botanica, Wichita Gardens
  • The Flint Hills
  • The Boot Hill Museum
  • Rock City, Kansas

Kansas has nurtured artists like Gordon Parks, thinkers like William Allen White, poets like William Stafford, as well as a variety of scientists, astronauts, entrepreneurs, and a US president. People of Kansas- the Kansans, are always high on patriotism.Above all, they love their way of life and they aren’t shy about it.

Frankly, things do tend to be a bit slower in this ‘Sunflower State‘, in a good way, but with the beautiful sunsets, stunning night skies, Kansas remains unrivaled.


Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state abounding landmarks, museums and historic sites that offer history lovers an unparalleled look at the past. This state is known to have played a pivotal role in American Civil War.

Geographically, Alabama is the thirtieth-largest state in the United States and is bordered by the states of Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida to the south, and Mississippi to the west. Alabama faces extremely hot summers, mild winters, bountiful monsoon and is also prone to hurricanes, thunderstorms, frequent lightning, hail and even tornadoes.

Alabama’s population is estimated to be 4,871,547, majorly the White, and is spanned across 67 counties, 460 incorporated municipalities consisting of 169 cities and 291 towns. English is the predominant language spoken among the residents. 

The major cities of Alabama are: Montgomery (capital), Birmingham (largest city), Huntsville( NASA is active here), Auburn (Auburn University here).

Alabama’s major tourist spots are:

  • US Space & Rocket Center
  • Birmingham Zoo
  • Point Mallard Park
  • Cheaha State Park
  • Huntsville Botanical Garden
  • USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Alabama is a fairly small state in comparison to other U.S. States like New York, California and might not be the perfect place for  people who want to experience fast- paced lives. However, Alabama is actually a pretty neat place with some really interesting things to see. Plus, it’s really affordable and several of its locations are on national lists of “best places to raise a family”. Alabamians are considered to be friendly and fairly considerate and will surely give you the “Sweet Home Alabama” feel.