Live updates from PaGaLGuY about inaugural ceremony for Donald Trump as 45th US President

The world is just hours away from a 4-year term of a Trump-led America. With the official swearing in ceremony of the 45th President of the United States scheduled for tonight, January 20, 2017 at 10pm IST, PaGaLGuY will bring you live coverage of the event.

Historically, the inauguration ceremony of the President-Elect is a public affair that sees the new President take his oath and commence his presidential term at 12 noon ET on the day of January 20, every four year.

Tonight’s event will hopefully highlight Trump’s stand on certain areas as he embarks on his journey to, in his own words, ‘Make America Great Again’. And while this happens, PaGaLGuY will bring you live tweets and stories about the ceremony.

The Inaugural Ball is hosted by the American Consulate in various cities across the world. While Donald Trump takes center stage for the Presidential Speech, we’ll be the ball held by the consulate in Mumbai. Not only will there be live telecasts of the happenings in the USA, but dignitaries, celebrities and politicians across India will be attending the Ball as well.

PaGaLGuY is all set to give you quick bytes, updates and reactions by the who’s who of the political and social circuit through the ceremony.

So follow us on Twitter to get updates of the 45th Inaugural Ceremony and watch out for our live tweets.