Right from my birth , I have been in Goa . But never did I realise its importance till now . I went to a decent school and got into Goa Engineering College and finally secured a job in Infosys in Pune . And that is when I got a chance to move out of Goa . I was very happy and excited to explore a new city and have a new experience .

When I entered Pune , I was amazed to see tall buildings , spacious roads and big societies . The city had some huge and beautifully designed malls. Back in Goa, there was only a three storey mall in Panjim that too was built recently . During my times , there was no KFC and no Pizza hut . The only hangout place for us would be the beaches which we had grown tired of after 22 years . So this was something new for me . I felt I would finally start enjoying my life .But whenever I introduced myself to any stranger in my office or outside , they would be elated to find that I am from Goa . Then they would start asking me some bizzare questions about it , for instance , whether people in Goa live on beaches or whether they drink beer when thirsty . They would ask me about foreigners, drugs , nude beaches and the list goes on . I didnt know how to answer those questions because honestly speaking , we never did all those things . My parents are quite conservative and we didnt even think about those things in college . I also felt strange thinking that why would these people , who have been living in these big cities with all the facilities and pleasures ,act as if they were willing to die to go to Goa .

Time passed . I was doing the same boring work daily . Saturdays and Sundays were not as colorful as before . Malls started getting boring . There was nothing new . Same products and similar buildings started irritating me . I could see faces similar as mine in the crowd . All getting ready to go to office , doing the same work and coming back home at the same time . Life started getting robotic .

Meanwhile , I started enjoying the small trips to my hometown every once in a month . I started appreciating the beauty of Goa . It was not the pubs or the discs but the natural beauty and the serene nature of the beaches that started pulling me back to Goa . I slowly started to realise why people crave for Goa . One ride on the bike ,in the rainy season ,on the wet roads paving our way to the beach where the setting sun would be waiting for us was enough for me to forget all the tension of my office work and the busy life of Pune .

Fortunately ,having made it to NMIMS , Mumbai , I am back to Goa now for a full month and a half . I will cherish each and every moment that I spend in Goa so that I recharge myself and once again get ready to take on the world in one of the busiest cities of India if not the World .