Life @ ITM Navi Mumbai:: A Sneak Peek from Shagun Singh

The bright sunshine was pounding
against my window as I woke up with a shining spirit in my eyes, for the life I
had was about to change. More than nervous I was excited. It had to be that
way, it was my first day at college. I clearly remember the day 17th June, 2015
which started my journey on the path of becoming a management personnel.

As soon as I entered the ITM
campus I saw the place full of students from different parts of India gathered
for one single purpose, Management education. It proved that college has fairly
succeeded in bringing talents from all the corners on a single platform. Inspite
of having different looks, dressing sense and thought process, there was one
thing common in everyone and that was the enthusiasm to learn and grow. On the
same day the faculty decided to keep the mood light and hence we were told
about a very interesting game where I won the title of ITM STAR. The moment was

I always knew that management
is what interests me the most, but with guidance of experienced and trained
faculty here in ITM, I not only got the opportunity to nourish my skills but
also grew smarter to look for wider prospects in life. The college organizes a
wide range of co-curricular activities and I wished to be a part of most of it,
however time was a luxury I didn’t have.

They say “A journey of
thousand miles begin with a single step” and ITM helped me take that step
when Mr. Vijay Basrur, Business head of E-commerce at Raymonds LTD visited our
campus for a discussion on economic issues worldwide. I hosted that event and
interacting with such business personnel was a bliss in itself. Very soon I was
selected for the anchoring in a sales panel discussion by the alums of ITM
where we discussed on the importance of sale in the marketing department.

Meanwhile I came to know how
college supports students to become a part of social work with the help of the
Eco club. After becoming a member of this club, I participated in various
social yet entertaining work like planting trees and beach clean drive, which
helped me in getting out of the monotonous college routine. After that Students
from Denver University, U.S visited the ITM College for discussion on economic
condition of India and I was chosen for comparing the whole event. It was a
very delightful experience.

Later as I cleared the
interview for Tata motors, I became a member of the CSR department where I got a
chance to work with TATA for rural people and their development. All these would
have never been possible if I did not had the support of the faculty of the
college who not only helped me to grow as a more confident, optimistic and
realistic person but also made me understand how to manage time and become a

This is how my journey had been
till now and I hope I make it to the point where I make my college and my
family proud.

By Shagun Singh

2015-17 Batch (Marketing)

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